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GlobeCast Australia Announces Management Changes

by david.nunes

GlobeCast Australia Announces Management Changes

– Mike Lattin retained as advisor to the company and the CEO

– Simon Farnsworth appointed CEO

SYDNEY — July 6, 2012 — GlobeCast Australia today announced the retirement of its Chief Executive Officer, Mike Lattin, who will continue with the company in an important advisory role. The company also announced the appointment of Simon Farnsworth as Chief Executive Officer. The changes have immediate effect.

Farnsworth has worked for 10 years with the GlobeCast Group, most recently as Global Head of the GlobeCast Group’s Broadcast Contribution services.

This is an excellent growth path for GlobeCast Australia and our customers,” said GlobeCast Australia Chairman Peter Cosgrove. “Simon brings outstanding new knowledge and leadership skills, and we retain the benefit of Mike’s unique expertise, earned over more than 45 years in international broadcasting. Mike has led GlobeCast Australia over the past nine years to become the leading broadcast services provider covering Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands with a relentless focus on our customers that will continue. Mike is a legend.”

I am delighted to continue with GlobeCast Australia in my new capacity and to assist Simon and his team,” said Lattin. “He is a talented executive with a talented team delivering at the leading edge of global broadcasting.”

“I am very excited about growing our business and building on Mike’s extraordinary achievements,” said Farnsworth. “In the past 10 years, I’ve worked in the United Kingdom and held board roles in Hong Kong, India, and Singapore, and my new home base — covering Australasia and the Pacific Islands — is one of the most dynamic broadcasting markets in the world. I am completely committed to continuing to deliver the excellent service levels that our customers demand.”

Lattin has held senior management and programming roles at each of Australia’s commercial TV networks, held similar roles internationally, and was Head of the Optus Television subscription TV platform. In 2001 he became a Director and CEO of MediaSat, which later merged with GlobeCast Australia. Lattin was appointed CEO of the newly merged company in 2003.


About GlobeCast Australia:
GlobeCast Australia is the leading provider of services for International Broadcasters in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, operating facilities and links that span the world, including in live digital delivery; SD and HD; and 3D delivery.

GlobeCast Australia is a member of the GlobeCast Worldwide Group. GlobeCast Australia’s main services include Direct to Home Satellite (DTH), Digital Satellite News and Sport Coverage (DSNG), International Fibre Distribution, Teleport Services and 24/7 Master Control, Mobile TV, Business TV, GlobeCam, Global Satellite Monitoring and Disaster Recovery.

For more information visit: www.globecast.com.au.


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