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ip.access upgrades VIVACOM small cell network to 3G

by david.nunes

ip.access upgrades VIVACOM small cell network to 3G

Bulgarian Mobile operator to deploy full range of indoor public access small cells

Cambridge, UK – April 24th 2013: Leading small cell systems vendor and manufacturer ip.access today confirmed it had signed another small cell network supply contract – with VIVACOM, Bulgaria’s leading converged communications service provider. 

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, ip.access announced it had signed 40 small cell customer contracts in the previous 12 months. The new contract with VIVACOM is evidence of that market success continuing, according to the company’s CEO Simon Brown.

“Our end-to-end approach to the small cell layer – comprising access points, gateways and network management systems is resonating with network operators and capturing market share.

“We are the only significant independent small cells vendor,” he added, “with live deployments across more than 100 networks with an approach that has been proven to help operators to integrate and manage the small cell solution regardless of their macro network equipment vendor.”

For VIVACOM, ip.access will be providing an indoor public access 3G small cell solution for SoHo, Enterprise, and also some rural applications requiring satellite backhaul. The ability to deploy the 3G solutions using ip.access nanoConverge gateways which reduces infrastructure costs, and extend the life of existing 2G network equipment was a significant factor in the award of the contract according to VIVACOM’s Technical Director Emil Georgakiev.

“By enabling our existing 2G Gateway to be upgraded to support the new 3G small cell layer, ip.access offered us a greater return and a faster time to market than other providers. We are also able to install new 3G Gateways in the busiest areas that will be LTE-ready, further saving on network infrastructure investment.

“These represent significant benefits in terms of network deployment,” he added.

Simon Brown added: “The nanoConverge gateway solution enables our existing mobile operator customers to expand their investment in existing and planned network infrastructure without a forklift upgrade and is a key part of our portfolio. By looking at the small cell layer, both as an end-to-end service and as a key part of the network, we are able to help operators deliver an enhanced integrated mobile network with significantly improved levels of coverage and capacity.”

About Vivacom:

VIVACOM is the trademark of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company AD (BTC), Bulgaria’s incumbent telecoms operator. The company offers a full range of telecom services – fixed and mobile telephony, TV, broadband Internet and data transfer. It has the country’s largest and best-developed telecom infrastructure. For more information about VIVACOM and its products and services, please visit www.vivacom.bg.

About ip.access:
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, ip.access has been deploying small cell solutions for more than 10 years providing some 100+ customers around the world with the capability to accelerate the introduction of small cell solutions into their networks irrespective of use case, technology or deployment model.

In 2013, the company became the first provider to pass the milestone of 1million installed small cell access points and also announced that it had been awarded more than 40 operator contracts in the previous year alone.

The company’s success is built upon its ability to provide its Service Provider customers with a range of small cell solutions across all technologies (2G, 3G, and 4G), alongside an end-to-end deployment philosophy that integrates the small cell access points with converged access gateways and comprehensive network management and performance tools.

The methodology and solution capability provided by ip.access enables its customers to better manage the economic challenges of delivering against ever more demanding coverage and capacity requirements. This, along with the ease of integration to higher order management solutions and the robust and elegant macro network interaction reduces the ‘cycle time’ from installation to commercial service.

In addition, ip.access has focussed diligently on providing the intelligence and application layer to enable its customers to deliver rapid monetisation of their small cell deployments, driving new and complimentary revenue streams to further enhance the small cells business case.

ip.access counts Amadeus Capital Partners, Cisco, Frog Capital, Intel Capital, Qualcomm, Rothschild, Scottish Equity Partners and TE Connectivity among its shareholders.



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