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Nokia Siemens Networks signs memorandum of understanding (MoU) for OSS interoperability initiative

by david.nunes

Nokia Siemens Networks signs memorandum of understanding (MoU) for OSS interoperability initiative (OSSii)

Reduces Operations Support Systems (OSS) integration costs and enables shorter time-to-market for new services

The major OSS players Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson and Huawei have initiated and signed a MoU enabling utilization of OSS innovations across the industry. To help operators simplify network operations and reduce costs, the companies have agreed to cross-license the OSS interfaces used for multi-vendor network management.

By enabling multi-vendor interoperability ‘up front’ between the OSS of all three vendors, OSSii will promote competition by simplifying operations, reducing the overall integration costs as well as speeding up the time-to-market of new services. The reciprocal agreement will cover fault, performance, configuration and basic network event and trace management for the northbound interfaces from Radio Access, Circuit Core and Packet Core network management systems. Under the terms of the MoU, the signing parties are committing to bilateral cross licensing agreements for multi-vendor network management.

The cross-licensing and interoperability testing is open for third-party OSS vendors by joining the OSSii.

“The OSS marketplace is a patchwork of standards and proprietary interfaces that are controlled by the IPR owners. With cross-license agreements, we want to help operators take full advantage of the best available products in our industry,” said Peter Patomella, head of operations support systems (OSS) business at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Openness and fairness have been the guiding principles in the agreement of the OSS Interoperability Initiative.”

OSSii is outlined in detail in the OSSii MoU dated 13.05.2013, which is publicly available from the OSSii portal. Related press releases, a Q&A section, and a list of contact people from all agreeing parties are also available on the portal.

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About Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is the world’s specialist in mobile broadband. From the first ever call on GSM, to the first call on LTE, we operate at the forefront of each generation of mobile technology. Our global experts invent the new capabilities our customers need in their networks. We provide the world’s most efficient mobile networks, the intelligence to maximize the value of those networks, and the services to make it all work seamlessly.

With headquarters in Espoo, Finland, we operate in over 120 countries and had net sales of approximately 13.4 billion euros in 2012. http://www.nokiasiemensnetworks.com

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