Adyton Systems announces OEM partnership with Symantec

Leipzig, July 3, 2012. Adyton Systems announced a new global OEM partnership with Symantec. This will enable Adyton Systems to equip its next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR with additional functionality for Internet security. Using Symantec’s URL filter RuleSpace, Internet content will be scanned and compared against the RuleSpace database. This allows suspicious websites to be identified and filtered.

Adyton Systems is a Leipzig-based technology company that has developed the novel technology of fullvalidation whitelisting as the core of its next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR. Through its partnership with Symantec and the use of the RuleSpace solution, Adyton is improving the web filtering element of its firewall to provide optimum levels of protection to its customers.

Symantec’s RuleSpace Web content categorization solution is based on a technology that examines and categorises web content. This filtered information is saved in various URL databases. One database, for example, collects only data on pages infected with malware. Each individual URL that appears on the Internet is examined in real time by the RuleSpace technology and allocated to one of around a hundred categories.

Symantec identifies approximately ten million new pages each year. Users of Adyton’s firewall can now benefit from this collection of data. As an example, if a user wishes to open an infected website, the system will recognize that this page has been classified as «dangerous». The IT administrator can define if the website will be blocked automatically or if the user will receive a warning.

This information is provided for a number of applications:

  • Internet security products and services
  • Web gateways and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances
  • Parental control products and services
  • Context-specific marketing services
  • Data analysis and data mining products
  • Trademark protection solutions

A number of leading Internet service providers currently use products based on RuleSpace technology.

«As a result of our OEM partnership with Symantec, we are offering our customers the best possible protection and significantly improve our next-generation firewall. For our users this means that they are better protected while they surf the web and can benefit significantly from the patented RuleSpace technology», explains Martin Menschner, CTO of Adyton Systems.

About Symantec Corporation

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About Adyton Systems

Adyton Systems is a technology company located in Leipzig, Germany. NETWORK PROTECTOR redefines the next-generation firewall concept. Adyton Systems has developed the novel technology of full-validation whitelisting as the core of its NETWORK PROTECTOR next generation firewall. It uses the most advanced deep packet inspection engine available on the market for an unprecedented level of application visibility and control. NETWORK PROTECTOR is simple to set up and manage even for non-expert users and provides maximum network security. Adyton Systems is a member of the IT Security Association Germany Teletrust and bears the quality seal «IT Security made in Germany«.