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Drive Control Corporation’s Norton internet security range now available eBucks.com

by david.nunes

Drive Control Corporation’s Norton internet security range now available eBucks.com

Norton security products, the award-winning online internet and mobile protection products for home and home office from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), is now available at eBucks.com, South Africa’s leading multi-partner rewards programme.

Products that are available on the eBucks.com website include:

· Norton Anti-Virus – Basic anti-virus protection that stops viruses and spyware, so that eBucks users can safely go online and share.

· Norton Internet Security – Scans PCs to identify and eliminate online threats, so that users can bank, shop and socialise securely while keeping their kids safer online too.

· Norton 360 Multi-Device – Norton’s ultimate internet and anti-virus protection for all things online, be it mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

· Norton Mobile Security – Norton Mobile Security protects mobile devices, privacy, and important stuff against loss, theft, viruses, and other mobile threats.

Fred Mitchell, Security Business Unit Manager at DCC says the Internet has not only revolutionised the world of business, but it has catapulted our social interaction with our friends and family and how we spend our leisure time online into an entirely new dimension.

“Surfing the Internet for that perfect gift on websites such as eBucks.com, doing online banking and chatting with friends have literally become second nature. There is so much out there to explore and interact with. Wiki’s, blogs, social networking sites, online gaming and a never ending stream of content keep most avid Web explorers up into the early hours of the morning,” he adds.

However, Mitchell says a new epoch of online threats has surfaced, one that is characterised by spyware, internet fraud and spam. These threats are the dirty work of profit-motivated criminals whose tactics are increasingly sophisticated to remain undetected.

“There are some malicious code programs, such as viruses, worms, and Trojans, which are designed specifically to expose confidential information that is stored on an infected computer. These threats may expose sensitive data, including system information, confidential files and documents, or log-on credentials that can be used for criminal activities. Fortunately, while these risks are very real, they aren’t insurmountable. It’s just a case of using your common sense, just like you would against threats in the real world.”

Mitchell advises that it is paramount to use an internet security solution that combines anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection, and vulnerability management that is updated regularly for maximum protection against malicious code and other threats.

“All these products are now available to eBucks users to ensure that when they go online, be it on their laptops, mobile phones or tablets they remain protected. Therefore, our relationship with eBucks remains key to our online strategy as eBucks is one of the biggest online retailers in South Africa that sells sought after commodities such as iPads and mobile phones. For DCC, looking at the mobile security side, it is a key partnership for us and one that we take very seriously,” he concludes.

For more information the latest Norton offerings visit: www.ebucks.com or www.drivecon.net

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