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Mexico-based Tritavia to Deliver Savings and Efficiency to One of World’s Largest Beverage Distributors with Telit Technology

by david.nunes

Mexico-based Tritavia to Deliver Savings and Efficiency to One of World’s Largest Beverage Distributors with Telit Technology

Tritavia Fleet Management System uses Telit’s GE865-QUAD GSM/GPRS module in fast-growing fleet of soft-drink delivery trucks

RALEIGH, N.C. – December 12, 2013 – Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services and Guadalajara-basedTritavia SA de CV (Tritavia), a provider of systems, consulting and technology for the implementation and improvement of industrial and business processes, today announced that SIAF (Sistema Integral de Administración de Flotillas), Tritavia’s cellular-connected fleet management system uses Telit’s GE865-QUAD GSM/GPRS cellular module for wireless data communications. The company’s fleet management system meets the operating requirements and integrates the business processes for a leading Mexico-based soft-drink distributor and of the world’s largest. Tritavia uses a Web portal to allow delivery coordinators to continually improve productivity and track the movement of the company’s soft-drink delivery truck-fleet.

At the conclusion of a three-month field trial in the Valle de Mexico region with SIAF collecting information regarding the company’s legacy process, solid and revealing data convinced the bottler to start restructuring its distribution process management systems.

During the trial and feasibility study Tritavia collected data on six process elements: stops, driving practices, vehicle performance, unauthorized stops, refueling and frauds linked to refueling. Analysis of the data was later reported highlighting annual operating costs wasted in idle time from longer stops during deliveries exceeding agreed standards; potential savings from reduced number of trucks in the field and lower requirements for fleet renewal; potential reduction in the distribution cost for each route; fuel savings from reduction in engine idle per truck; reduction in emissions; reduction in recurring speeding events; observed fuel economy by truck brand and specific vehicle; mileage tracking for efficient preventive maintenance planning; operating cost reduction from curtailing unauthorized stops – “nap” stops; and refueling stop frequency optimization with fraud detection.

Telit’s GE865-QUAD used in the SIAF is ideal for size sensitive and high-volume applications. Valuable features, including on-board Python interpreter and Over-The-Air firmware update, make this product an efficient solution for most M2M market segments. The BGA packaged module is well suited for embedded cellular applications where small size and energy efficiency are crucial in mobile and fixed application areas such as security and surveillance, vending, point-of-sale (POS), tracking, smart metering, and telematics.

“Tritavia is a great example of how M2M solutions can deliver real savings and a fast ROI,” said Mike Ueland, senior vice president and general manager of Telit Wireless Solutions North America. “This application also highlights jamming detection, a critical and high-value feature any time fraud-detection is an essential part of a customer’s solution.”

The results from this pilot demonstrated, with hard data, just how much savings are possible from the detection of bad practices in the field, fraud, risk reduction, availability and errors in process planning,” said Fernando Corona, General Mgr. of Tritavia. “Thanks to the reliability of the Telit-enabled trackers and the success of the trial, we have an open invitation to present these results to all distribution centers at their annual forums, with the intent of implementing the tool in as many delivery vehicles as possible, turning it into a fundamental part of their distribution process.”

With over a decade of exclusive focus on M2M, reducing technical risk and shortening time to market for OEMs and integrators, Telit is the industry’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. We leverage M2M’s broadest portfolio in cellular, short range and positioning technologies paired with m2mAIR services covering application enablement as well as mobile network and internet/cloud sides of connectivity. Telit products and services are delivered with global support and logistics exceeding exacting requirements from customers large and small. Now innovate!

About Telit

Telit Wireless Solutions (AIM: TCM listed under Telit Communications PLC), is a global enabler of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications providing cellular, short range and positioning modules; and through its business unit m2mAIR, M2M managed and value added services, in application enablement and connectivity including mobile network side and cloud. Telit is M2M’s top one-stop-shop offering synergistic hardware and value added services bundles along with low-entry cost PaaS for rapid application development. With over 12 years exclusively in M2M, the company constantly advances technology through seven R&D centers around the globe; marketing products and services in over 80 countries.

By supplying scalable products interchangeable across families, technologies and generations, rapid prototyping tools for application development, and m2m tailored connectivity, Telit is able to curb development costs, protect design investments and reduce technical risk. The company provides customer support and design-in assistance through 32 sales and support offices, a global distributor network of experts with over 30 competence centers, and the Telit Technical Support Forum.

Telit provides all products services and facilities to connect organizations to the Internet of Things (IoT) allowing them to wirelessly collect, process and respond to real-world data from connected devices, creating new efficiencies, revenue streams, societal and personal benefits. Join the conversation and learn more about Telit and its customers’ innovative applications on Facebook and Twitter.

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