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Seamless remote access to your favorite Wi-Fi networks on the go

by david.nunes

Seamless remote access to your favorite Wi-Fi networks on the go

Malmö, Sweden – June 19, 2013Anyfi Networks today released Anyfi.net – a mobility platform that makes Wi-Fi as easy to use on the go as it is at home.

”Public Wi-Fi is often insecure and difficult to use” said Johan Almbladh, CTO of Anyfi Networks. ”Anyfi.net is an access point software extension that solves this problem. Instead of fiddling with logins and passwords your device just connects automatically, to your own home network, and there´s absolutely nothing you have to do. No apps to install, no registration, nothing. It just works, and it´s secure.”

The trick is combining Wi-Fi with IP, Internet Protocol, to break the tie between logical network and physical access point, effectively letting everybody connect to their favorite networks through whatever access point happens to be close by. All that’s needed is a small software component embedded in residential gateways and public access points. It’s this software that is now available free of charge to any Wi-Fi equipment vendor that wishes to integrate it in their equipment.

The company has been working with a small number of Internet service providers and Wi-Fi equipment vendors to polish the technology and now claims it is ready for prime time. “We are now ready to start working with more vendors” said Björn Smedman, CEO of Anyfi Networks. “And the best way to do that is to make the software publicly available, no charge and royalty-free. This ensures it will be put to the most use possible.”

About Anyfi Networks

Anyfi Networks is the company behind the open Wi-Fi mobility platform Anyfi.net. Founded in 2009, it is leading the way in carrier-grade Wi-Fi services with a seamless and secure user experience.

For more information please visit www.anyfinetworks.com.

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