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Semafone awarded patent for innovative technology

by david.nunes

Semafone awarded patent for innovative technology

London, 18 June 2012 – Semafone announced today that its UK patent application has been granted (GB2473376).

The coverage of the patent includes Semafone’s use of DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) signalling to capture card data securely from call centre customers during live phone calls and pass these on to payment systems for processing. The patent will allow the company to benefit fully from its innovation in secure voice payments and to support the significant investments being made by its channel partners in the marketing of Semafone’s solution.

Semafone helps to eliminate the threat of fraud in contact centres in a manner that is both cost effective and PCI compliant. The company has been a pioneer in the field since 2008, when the patent application was prepared by patent attorneys Mathys & Squire LLP.

This patent will allow us to protect the investment that we have made in developing a truly innovative solution that helps call centres effectively de-scope themselves from PCI DSS compliance,” commented Tim Critchley, CEO of Semafone.

About Semafone

Founded in 2009, Semafone is fast being recognised as the leader in secure voice transactions. The company provides an innovative solution which takes contact centres out of the scope of PCI DSS regulations for telephone payments. Semafone allows the call – and the call recording – to continue as normal while the customer enters their credit card information using the telephone keypad. Card data is sent directly to the bank, avoiding the need for call centre agents to hear or see card details. Semafone’s clients include the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Careline Services, Family Investments, Markel, Sky, SpecSavers and Swift Advances. Semafone is working with a number of industry leading partners to bring its solution to global market.

Semafone received a £1.9m investment from Octopus Ventures in 2010 and a further £1.5m, primarily from existing investors, in 2012. Semafone received the European Call Centre Award for the most innovative product in 2010 and the Emerging Technology award in the 2012 METAwards, organised by the Merchant Risk Council (MRC).

Further information about Semafone is available at www.semafone.com.

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