Sigma Designs Unveils Full Suite of Z-Wave Next Gen Chips and Modules

Z-Wave 500-Series Delivers Superior Platform for Rapid Development, Design Enhancements and Reduction of Cost to Drive Expanding Home Control Market

MILPITAS, Calif. – Apr. 10, 2013 – Sigma Designs® (Nasdaq: SIGM), a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for home entertainment, connectivity and converging multimedia delivery, today announced its Z-Wave® Next Gen portfolio featuring a new family of 500-Series chips. Building on the strengths of Z-Wave’s home control technology, the new components address market needs and deliver enhanced capabilities for device manufacturers and gateway  suppliers. With over 780 certified products, Z-Wave represents one of the largest eco-system of interoperable products for home control in the world.

“We developed the 500-Series to address real market needs,” noted Gabi Hilevitz, GM, home connectivity group, Sigma Designs. “As the market leader in home control technology we know our customers are looking to take home control to the next level and require increased memory, battery life and a smaller footprint.  We are excited that our 500-Series delivers all this while providing a range of interoperable solutions to help our customers get to market faster and more affordably.  It’s what makes Z-Wave able to bring as yet unimagined functionality to the connected home.”

The product portfolio is comprised of the following:

3 new Z-Wave Next Gen modules

·         ZM5202- Pin-to-pin compatibility with Sigma’s ZM3102 / ZM4102

·         ZM5101- Sigma’s smallest module with maximum I/O’s

·         ZM5304- Serial interface module with antenna for gateway, set-top boxes and television

2 new Z-Wave Next Gen SoC’s

·         SD3502- General purpose SoC for end devices

·         SD3503- Serial interface modem SoC for gateway, set-top box and television

Key features of the 500-Series hardware platform include:

·         50% longer range + more RF channel(s) – defined by region for more reliability

·         67% lower power consumption in stand-by mode for longer battery life

·         400% larger memory foot print (128kB total 32kB for application) for additional device functions and security

·         250% higher data rate – 100kbps for lower latency

·         Infrared, Key scan, and LED PWM support

·         Light dimmer for incandescent lights (FET / TRIAC)

“We are excited to work with The Z-Wave Next Gen product line from Sigma Designs.  It is an enabling tool for Linear to offer new advanced solutions and functionality to consumers. The 500-Series chip solutions create an environment that allows developers and consumers easy access to the strengths of the Z-Wave ecosphere.  Z-Wave has always led the market in interoperability with the widest array of connected home products on the market,” said Avi Rosenthal, Vice President of Security/Control Linear Corporation.

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