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Simplify Drop Technologies to Speed Up FTTP Deployments, says Fujikura

by david.nunes

Simplify Drop Technologies to Speed Up FTTP Deployments, says Fujikura

Stockholm, SWEDEN and Chessington, UK. Simple Drop Technologies for easy, fast and cost-effective fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) installations could, if more widely adopted, increase the rate of fibre deployment in Europe, says Fujikura.

Fujikura has fine-tuned a high performance low-friction cable for duct applications which can be pushed from the basement of the building to the individual subscriber. The low friction coating and optimised mechanical design minimises the physical resistance of this process. Field installable terminations allow minimal cable inventory.

“Our key strengths are in aerial deployments and applications which utilise low-friction cables for installation into ducts,” said Simon Richardson, head of Fujikura’s Fibre Optic Division. “A key factor to facilitate a profitable FTTP network deployment is the minimisation of both deployment costs and installation time. It is also essential to minimise the costs of subsequent network growth, since customers do not all take up services at the same time. Fujikura’s technology is designed to enable low cost initial deployments with simple and cheap network evolution.”

Fujikura has been the main supplier of passive technologies for Japanese fibre-to-the-home deployments for the last 15 years and has successfully been supporting large and small projects within Europe since 2005. It has played a significant role in many deployments from large incumbents, to smaller local carriers. Fujikura’s equipment allows drop connections to be completed within just a few hours by installers who have limited prior fibre knowledge.

“Our FTTP technologies are field proven to minimise both deployment costs and installation time. They also reduce the costs of subsequent network growth, as new customers take up services. Since the cable is not pre-terminated the engineers have complete flexibility to adapt to the deployment situation in the field,” added Richardson.

The Fujikura technologies are compatible with all housing types including housing blocks (MDU’s) and Single dwelling units (SDU).

“Operators have found that our cables can be pushed a far greater distance into ducts than competing offerings. In tests, our LF-cables have far outperformed our competitors in terms of the distance that can be achieved with this technique,” finished Richardson.

Fujikura will be exhibiting at FTTH Conference stand B18 on 19 and 20 February in Stockholm. For more information on these drop cables and other products, visit www.fujikura.co.uk.

About Fujikura
Established in 1885, Fujikura is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of communication and electronics products. The company offers a diverse product range from its core business of electric wire and cables to fibre optic and related products. The Fujikura name has become synonymous with fibre optic Fusion Splicers and the company is the world’s leading global supplier.

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