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SkyVision successfully implements project to install and manage UNACOOPEC’s satellite private network consisting of 97 branches

by david.nunes

SkyVision successfully implements project to install and manage UNACOOPEC’s satellite private network consisting of 97 branches

SkyVision’s Private Network solution provided a Comprehensive and Secure Voice and Data network to a Côte d’Ivoire Leader in the Realm of Microfinance

Hertfordshire, UK August 8, 2013 SkyVision Global Networks Ltd. (http://www.skyvision.net), a leading global provider of IP connectivity over satellite and fiber optic systems, announced today that it has successfully completed the installation of a private satellite network solution for UNACOOPEC-CI (National Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives) consisting of 97 branches.

UNACOOPEC is the largest financial institution in Côte d’Ivoire specializing in microfinance, banking, and insurance. As a highly dispersed organization, it requires a very secure and efficient communications network.

SkyVision’s solution responded to all requirements, delivering a fully customized, totally secured and managed satellite-based Private Network that connects all 97 UNACOOPEC-CI branches throughout Côte d’Ivoire. Many of these branches are located in rural areas lacking basic communications. SkyVision assumed responsibility for all project aspects, leveraging its invaluable experience in deploying large scale projects in Africa. The project consisted of network design, full HQ hub and teleport facilities installation, remote sites installation and commissioning, training and customer network management. Due to the smart network design, UNACOOPEC-CI are able to connect their WAN sites, share information among branches and the head office, by means of voice and data applications.

SkyVision’s connectivity solution employs a single VSAT-based network, providing UNACOOPEC-CI with high quality network performance and reliability. In addition, the advanced technology behind SkyVision’s solution offers significantly increased flexibility.

“SkyVision truly values UNACOOPEC-CI’s business, professionalism and commitment and is pleased to be able to meet their precise needs.” stated SkyVision CEO, Mr. Doron Ben Sira. “UNACOOPEC, now has a fully supported voice and data communications, throughout the country.” We regard this deployment as an integral part of SkyVision’s continuing expansion in providing unique solutions for a broad range of customers.”

“As a widely-dispersed banking institution in Côte d’Ivoire, UNACOOPEC-CI required an experienced and reliable vendor that could seamlessly deploy and manage a satellite private network that would meet our specific needs”, said Mr. Savane Issaka, General Manager of UNACOOPEC-CI. “After studying the market throughout Africa, our IT staff realized that SkyVision was the company that could provide the solution we needed in a time frame that was faster than our initial specifications. We look forward to a long-term association with SkyVision.”

About SkyVision

SkyVision is a leading global IP telecommunication service provider to emerging markets, offering solutions that combine satellite service platforms with high-capacity fiber optic connections. Via its gateways in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East, the company provides IP connectivity with access to the global Internet backbone, as well as an extensive suite of both customized end-to-end solutions and industry-standard services. With a connectivity network spanning 100 countries, SkyVision’s solutions combine global reach with active local presence and support. SkyVision’s customers include incumbent telecoms, ISPs, cellular operators, global and local enterprises, government entities and NGOs.

For more information, visit www.skyvision.net.


Since its founding over three decades ago, UNACOOPEC, the largest MicroFinance and MicroInsurance institute in the Ivory Coast, has gained its leading reputation by providing unique microfinance, banking and insurance services nationwide. The organization offers its customers complete banking services, even in the most remote areas via a private satellite communications network.  In addition it provides savings and loan services to populations that do not have access to conventional financial institutions. By virtue of the nature of its operations, the cooperative has offered small investors, SMEs and SMIs and various other actors in the Ivorian economic sector extensive financial services.

For more information, visit http://www.unacoopec.com/

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