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LEDHut Brightens the Online Shopping Experience with Site Search from SLI Systems

by david.nunes

LEDHut Brightens the Online Shopping Experience with Site Search from SLI Systems

UK’s Leading Provider of LED Lighting Products Sees Higher Conversions with Improved Site Search Relevancy and Usability from SLI’s Learning Search

News Highlights

— LEDHut, launched in 2011, is one of the leading providers of LED lighting products, including bulbs and light fixtures, to customers throughout Europe

— LEDHut chose SLI’s Learning Search to replace an open-source solution on the Magento e-commerce platform

— With such a vast array of products in its inventory, LEDHut needed a site search that improves relevancy and provides advanced features to help visitors learn more about LED technology and the type of lighting products available

— With SLI’s full-service site search on LEDHut’s eCommerce site, conversion rates from search pages are nearly triple the rate of other pages; when a visitor clicks on a suggestion provided by Rich Auto Complete, the search conversion rate is more than four times that of the rest of the site.

LONDON, March 11, 2013SLI Systems (www.sli-systems.co.uk) today announced that LEDHut (www.ledhut.co.uk) has created a more user-friendly site search experience with its industry-leading Learning Search solution. LEDHut, the leading provider of LED lighting products to customers in the UK and Europe, chose SLI to replace an open-source search solution built into its Magento e-commerce platform.

Learning Search allows LEDHut to deliver more relevant, tailored results to shoppers. The solution accounts for misspellings and also offers product suggestions for keywords that would otherwise generate no results. Additionally, with Auto Complete, which makes keyword suggestions after a few keystrokes, Learning Search helps visitors simplify their search for LED lighting products and learn more about LED technology and product choices. The company expects to launch a mobile site in the near future, with search also powered by SLI.

With SLI’s Learning Search on LEDHut’s site, the company is seeing a nearly three times higher conversion rate for site search pages over the rest of the site, and when a suggested product presented through Rich Auto Complete is clicked on, the search conversion rate is more than four times higher than the site average. In addition, per-visit values for search pages are nearly three times greater than the rest of the site; when a Rich Auto Complete result is clicked on, per-visit values jump to roughly six times that of the site average.

“The LED lighting industry is still in its infancy in the UK and Europe, which means our customers need to be presented with relevant items that match their searches,” said Keith Scott, marketing director for LEDHut. “Now, instead of being overwhelmed by too many results, SLI’s Learning Search delivers precise results that are easier and faster for shoppers to browse through – which also helps them increase their knowledge of LED options to fit their home and lifestyle.”

“E-commerce companies like LEDHut that have a vast number of products available need to address shoppers’ confusion when faced with an overwhelming number of site search results,” said Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems. “Fine-tuned, relevant results that are generated from the past behaviour of other visitors encouraging shoppers to browse and glean information about product choices – which in turn increases conversions.”

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About SLI Systems
SLI Systems provides full-service site search, navigation, merchandising, and user-generated SEO, and is the top SaaS-based site search provider to IR 500 and IR 1,000 retailers. Unlike traditional search software, SLI Systems’ patented technology continuously “learns” from the behavior of visitors over time to deliver more relevant results. This learning-based search and navigation technology empowers retailers and content sites to enhance customer satisfaction by helping site visitors find the products and information they seek as quickly and efficiently as possible, increasing site conversions and average order value. SLI Systems is a privately held company, with offices in San Jose, CA; London, UK; Melbourne, Australia; and Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information about SLI Systems, visit www.sli-systems.co.uk.

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