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Thomson Video Networks Selected by NHK to Provide Support During 2012 London Games

by david.nunes

HK, Japan’s Publi Broadcaster, Chooses Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE™ VS7000 to Support Online VOD During 2012 London Games

RENNES, France — Sept. 21, 2012 — Thomson Video Networks today announced that NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, relied on Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE™ VS7000 multi-screen video platform for its online coverage of the 2012 London Games. With the industry’s most robust feature set for live and file-based IP video, the ViBE VS7000 played an integral role in NHK’s ability to offer on-demand event footage on its website. NHK used the ViBE VS7000 system to receive 40 incoming live video streams coming from London over IP, and transcode and packetize them into HLS format. The produced HLS components were saved onto a dedicated server using WebDAV, which enabled NHK editors to refine and publish the content as video on demand on the NHK website. More than 35,000 VOD clips were produced with this system, and statistics on the use of the service showed that content was accessed by more than four million viewers.

Allowing live and file applications to run concurrently on a single system, the ViBE VS7000 provides high operational convenience through a common, intuitive graphical interface. Combining functionality that would otherwise require parallel infrastructures for file-based and live encoding, the ViBE VS7000 video system integrates easily with external platforms through a common built-in SOAP/Web services interface. Its built-in video operating system, which provides native load balancing and redundancy/fail-over, as well as the unit’s compact, high-density packaging, makes the ViBE VS7000 a cost-effective item in both capital and operational budgets.

“Not only was the ViBE VS7000 compact and easy to install, but the single GUI makes the system very easy to administer and publish content from multiple server locations,” said NHK’s Cross-Media project manager. “The ViBE VS7000 was a critical element in our content delivery workflow for the London Games, enabling us to deliver high-quality and exciting online content in a timely manner.”

Village Island, a well-known technology supplier and system integrator and Thomson Video Networks’ distributor in Japan, followed the project from the early stages up to the successful installation and commissioning of the ViBE VS7000. Village Island also provided 24/7 on-call support during the games. “It was a great pleasure to be part of this adventure,” said Thomas Dellerue, sales engineer and OTT project manager at Village Island. “After intensive testing conducted by NHK, the ViBE VS7000 proved to be the ideal solution to meet their requirements. Thomson Video Networks’ support was very reactive throughout each phase of the project, and we are pleased to see that NHK is now a reference company for Thomson’s technology.”

“NHK’s use of the ViBE VS7000 multi-screen video system to deliver VOD webcasting for the London Games is a great example of the system’s versatility in multi-format broadcast environments,” said Hervé Congard, chief operating officer, Thomson Video Networks. “After numerous deployments around the world, this new deployment for NHK in Japan confirms the global need for a reliable, high performance, and scalable platform for IPTV delivery, Web TV streaming, and OTT services broadcasting, with superior video quality.”

About NHK

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Japan’s only public broadcaster, introduced a radio service in 1925 and a television service in 1953. To serve Japan, NHK operates four television channels and three radio services. Internationally, NHK offers two television services: NHK WORLD TV and NHK WORLD PREMIUM, and NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN which provides news in 18 languages.

About Village Island

Village Island is a well-known Japanese company that aims to provide a wide range of audiovisual solutions for the broadcast industry. Founded in 2005, the company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with a branch office in Singapore. Village Island is member of various committees such as ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Business), IABM, Multi-screen Broadcasting Study Group, and DiBEG among others. Village Island also conducts regularly seminars and trainings about Digital TV technology.

Information about Village Island is available at www.village-island.com

About Thomson Video Networks

From the very onset of digital TV broadcasting, the Thomson name has been synonymous with supplying expertise, quality, and reliability to the world’s leading broadcasters. Since delivering the world’s first large-scale direct-to-home satellite system, Thomson Video Networks has been a global leader in compression systems for satellite, terrestrial, cable, IPTV, mobile TV, and Web streaming. The company helps its customers deliver superior quality video to anything from small handheld devices to large 3D HD screens, with the lowest bandwidth to ensure a profitable business model. A trusted supplier to more than 20 percent of the active channels deployed worldwide, with a global support presence and a reputation for delivering quality at every stage, Thomson Video Networks offers the experience and range of products to meet every need, from hybrid multi-format compression systems to contribution links for content exchange networks.

Information about products from Thomson Video Networks is available at www.thomson-networks.com.

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