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Vertical Communications Announces Availability of Exclusive Wave IP Auto Bundle

by david.nunes

Vertical Communications Announces Availability of Exclusive

Wave IP Auto Bundle

Industry’s first Unified Communications package features embedded applications designed to enhance operational efficiencies and cost-savings for auto dealers

Santa Clara, Calif., July 9, 2013Vertical Communications®, a leading provider of business communications software and solutions for the automotive and other industries, today announced the availability of its Wave IP Auto Bundle, a package of powerful features and applications developed to meet the specific needs of automotive dealerships. Embedded directly within Vertical’s  Wave IP unified communications platform, the Wave IP Auto Bundle includes business communications and productivity tools that help dealerships increase sales, enhance customer service, track advertising, reduce operational expenses, improve profitability and raise Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores.

To help auto dealers reduce operational and communications costs even further, the Wave IP Auto Bundle is included in Vertical’s exclusive singular licensing program, which delivers access to all unified communications, mobility, telephony and business productivity tools available through the Wave IP platform as a single user license.

“After years of stagnant growth, the auto industry is in the midst of a record-breaking summer, with most major manufacturers reporting record sales,” said Peter Bailey, Vertical’s chief executive officer. “These rapidly changing dynamics are placing a tremendous burden on dealerships in a highly competitive marketplace where responsiveness, efficiency and premium customer service are crucial to sales success. Vertical has been working closely with our customers to develop a package of applications and tools that meets their needs for increasing sales, improving the customer experience, closely managing their marketing and advertising spend, as well as increasing service and parts revenues.”

The Wave IP Auto Bundle’s advanced features include:

Service Appointment Reminder: Developed to help service departments keep service bays full and profits up, this customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application generates automated outbound appointment reminder calls to help dealerships optimize revenue by reducing missed service appointments.

Campaign Tracker: Reduces one of a dealership’s largest expenses by enabling dealers to track their marketing and advertising spend without the need for costly third-party services. Individual phone numbers are assigned to targeted campaigns, so dealers can generate real-time call reports to evaluate each campaign’s effectiveness and ROI.

Integration of screen pops, customer call routing and call logging with CRM systems: The Vertical Wave IP seamlessly integrates with popular dealer CRM packages to improve efficiency by automatically routing calls while simultaneously tracking and capturing call data for valuable business intelligence.

Smart phone integration with Wave ViewPoint Mobile: Keeps sales and staff connected with customers and each other in the showroom, on the lot, or on the road. ViewPoint Mobile extends the full functionality of the Wave IP platform directly to iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, so sales calls are never missed, messages are always received and customers are always taken care of. The application uses an encrypted tunnel for all communications to ensure user information stays secure on any network.

Data-driven call routing with Wave Call Classifier: An intelligent call routing tool that automatically sends potential and existing customers to the appropriate destination, such as a designated salesperson or service advisor, or BDC (business development center) agent that handles specific sales, service, or marketing programs.

Integrated Call Recording & Logging:  Auto dealers can automatically record calls to enhance customer service, ensure compliance with industry regulations and support employee training. All recordings are logged and archived directly on the Wave IP platform for easy search and retrieval, eliminating the need for costly third-party solutions or expense of additional servers.

“Wave IP is a smart system that brings tremendous value to our dealership. It gives us a number of managerial capabilities we previously lacked,” said Joe Gorr, general manager of Route 22 Nissan, a Vertical customer located in Hillside, New Jersey. “The introduction of the Wave IP Auto Bundle is a perfect illustration of Vertical’s commitment to provide tools that will have a profound and lasting impact on the performance and profitability of automotive dealerships.”

About Vertical Communications®

Vertical Communications, Inc. is a unified communications (UC) and IP telephony solutions provider for business-to-business communications. Vertical’s Wave IP business communications software and systems provide the enterprise-class functionality necessary to deliver seamless connectivity, collaboration and mobility through smart, powerful telephony and voice applications that are simple to deploy and use, while substantially reducing operating costs. With more than 200,000 customers across all industries, Vertical solutions are distributed and supported through a network of authorized dealers throughout North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. For more information, visit www.vertical.com.

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