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Vodafone Ireland Expands Mobile Security Offer for Business

by david.nunes

Vodafone Ireland Expands Mobile Security Offer for Business

90% of businesses using smartphones for work drive need for mobile security

Dublin, 29th October 2013: Vodafone Ireland today announced a significant expansion to its mobile security offering for business customers with new tailored Mobile Device Management (MDM) packages to fit a business’ specific security requirements. Smart devices being used for work can now be protected and secure – making it simple for businesses to manage an employee’s remote access to company information and systems. This service is a cost-effective solution for business as it requires minimal up-front investment and is scalable to flex and grow as a business changes.

Irish businesses are changing how they work with many accessing and sharing company information on the move. Recent research has shown that 90% of businesses are now using smartphones for work, 52% using tablets and nearly 90% using mobile data which means protecting company information is paramount[1]. In order to address the need to keep company information secure, in the same research 75% of small to medium businesses said they plan to invest in security solutions over the next two years.

Launching Vodafone Ireland’s new Mobile Device Management packages, Jonathan Rutherford, Head of Enterprise Marketing at Vodafone Ireland said, “Businesses already know that security is a big issue on desktops or laptops with the need for anti-virus protection to prevent data being accessed. With mobile devices, there is an even greater need for security measures. Vodafone now has a range of security solutions that can be built to fit different customer needs no matter what type of industry they work in – this is not a one-size-fits-all product. Businesses can be confident that data on mobile devices is managed centrally and that shared information is protected.”

Vodafone’s Mobile Device Management is a cloud-based platform that IT managers or administrators within the organisation can use to manage their entire mobile fleet. It includes the standard features of remote lock and wipe for lost or stolen devices, GPS locator for tracking devices and also mobile application management to allow or restrict access to selected mobile apps. The expanded features of Vodafone’s mobile security offering include:

  • Secure Email Gateway – provides increased security and control of corporate email. This delivers tighter integration with internal systems and encrypts content sent from the device back to the company network. This is particularly beneficial for businesses in highly regulated industries.
  • Secure Content Locker – a solution that allows IT administrators to manage document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents through a web-based console while providing enterprise-grade security. Access to documentation via mobile devices can be restricted or targeted to individuals or groups. This provides more granular control of each employee’s access. It also provides off-site employees real-time access to company information.
  • Enterprise Integration Service – simplifies employee account administration by ensuring that employees have the same profile on mobile devices as they do when in the office – any changes to their profile in the office are updated on the mobile device automatically. This feature is suitable for larger companies as employees have the same set up no matter where they connect.

Vodafone’s Mobile Device Management has a monthly cost per user and price varies depending on the combination of features chosen by the business. For further information call 1907 or go to www.vodafone.ie/smallBusinessMDM for small business and www.vodafone.ie/largebusinessMDM for larger companies. Customers can alternatively talk to their account manager.

[1] The research was carried out by B2B market research company Circle Research (www.circle-research.com) on behalf of Vodafone Ireland. The research surveyed 201 SMEs in Ireland in the period April 2013.

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