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G-Core Labs opens new hosting and CDN location in Hong Kong

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G-Core Labs opens new hosting and CDN location in Hong Kong


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G-Core Labs, the international provider of cloud and edge solutions, expands the Asian segment of its global network infrastructure and opens its first point of presence in China. The PoP is located in Hong Kong, in the economic center of the Celestial Empire, offering customers secure dedicated and virtual servers, as well as services for a rapid content delivery.

“By opening a point of presence in Hong Kong, one of the world’s economic capitals, we want to provide companies of all sectors, including retail, media, video games, finance, insurance or cloud services, with premium experience in ensuring the stable and uninterrupted operation of their online resources and IT infrastructure, as well as the ability to deliver even the heaviest content to customers and audiences in millisecond. We believe that our new location will be in demand both in China, the world’s largest online community, and among Asian, European and American companies seeking to work effectively in the local and regional markets”, – said Dmitry Samoshkin, G-Core Labs vice president of products.

Hong Kong is known for its comfortable legal regime including in the field of Internet regulation. This factor opens up additional opportunities for international and Asian online businesses.

G-Core Labs servers are located in a certified Tier III class data center. The company provides 5 TB of traffic for free for each dedicated server.

The functionality of the automatic installation of the most popular operating systems (OS) (Windows and Unix), installed when ordering the server, is provided in company’s dedicated and virtual servers. It significantly saves time for system deployment. You can also connect your own ISO image and install the necessary OS yourself. All G-Core Labs servers are protected from DDoS attacks using G-Core Labs unique technology for intelligent filtering of network traffic.

The dedicated servers of the company provide constant free access to their IPMI (note – abbr. from the intelligent platform management interface), which allows to quickly solve any issue with hosting in a remote format even in case of a emergency situation.

G-Core Labs virtual server is based on KVM virtualization technology, which guarantees high and uninterrupted performance and is equipped with fast SSD disks. You can get acquainted with the configuration options of dedicated and virtual servers by the link.

G-Core Labs CDN supports all necessary protocols, including HTTP/2 (by default), SSL and IPv6, and also provides flexible system configuration options: access through the API, opportunities to pre-load heavy files, to clear cache completely or selectively, to set and manage cache storing time, cache return, inheriting caching parameters, to ignore request parameters and cookies etc.

The global architecture of G-Core Labs content delivery network, located on 5 continents, was created by experts on high-load systems. Today, it includes more than 60 points of presence, 5000+ peering partners, 300+ cash servers and the total network capacity is 10+ Tbit/sec.


On G-Core Labs company

G-Core Labs is an international cloud and edge leader in content delivery, public cloud services, hosting and security solutions for any business headquartered in Luxembourg, whose global infrastructure is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

G-Core Labs provides a wide range of services for customers of all industries that develop their business online. The company’s services include managed hosting, content delivery network (CDN), advanced media platform for professional broadcasts and streaming of any complexity, protection against DDoS attacks of any level, cloud content storage etc. G-Core Labs built its own global infrastructure on all continents (over 500 nodes in reliable Tier 3 data centers) with the best CDN performance in Europe, Russia and the CIS.

The company’s clients are leading international and regional brands in the field of telecommunications, finance, media, video games developers and publishers, including MTS, Beeline, Megaphone, Tinkoff Bank, Wargaming holding (World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes), american publisher of games RedFox Games, TV channel “78”, etc.


On G-Core Labs managed hosting

Hosting by G-Core Labs is managed and highly reliable (Tier 3 data centers) dedicated and virtual servers all over the world, incl. in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the USA (Miami, Chicago, Santa Clara, Ashburn), Singapore, Japan (Tokyo), Korea (Seoul), Australia (Melbourne), Israel (Tel Aviv), Russia (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Khabarovsk), which are suitable for solving problems of any complexity.

For its servers, G-Core Labs uses modern advanced equipment with a wide range of configurations and the ability to upgrade on request, the channel throughput is from 1 to 100 gigabits. Servers are reliably protected from all types of DDoS-attacks, round-the-clock multilingual support is provided.


On CDN (сontent delivery network)

CDN is a content delivery network. Most often it is a set of connected servers that accelerate the “return” of data (pics, videos, scripts) to the user. CDN servers are placed as close as possible to the final audience. The CDN takes the popular content to the cache servers that accumulate it, temporarily store (cache) and give it on subsequent requests. Locating servers closer to users reduces the number of hops, latency and server response time. This way content becomes locally accessible to end users. This factor improves final users experience and turns website visitors into paying customers.


G-Core Labs created its own global content delivery network (CDN) on 5 continents to solve the difficult problem of instantly transmitting the heaviest type of content — high-quality online games, with peak loads on the system. The infrastructure created was tested by millions of users playing at the same time & became the owner of the Guinness record. After that G-Core Labs decided to benefit all companies interested in the instantaneous transfer of content, speeding up their websites and online stores and their highly efficient protection.

G-Core Labs network is ready for any peak traffic, the total network bandwidth exceeds 10+ Tbit/s. G-Core Labs has about 5000 peering partners, agreements with major operators and an ISP license.

G-CDN has the best performance in Europe, Russia and the CIS according to Citrix.com, a leader in independent monitoring and optimizing CDN performance, in the following parameters: best throughput (the amount of data that a site transmits in fixed time); the best response time (actual request processing time, plus the delay in transmitting information over the network and messages delay in the queue); the best time of files downloading.



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