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GatesAir to Unveil Next-Generation TV and DAB Radio Exciter at IBC2015

by david.nunes

GatesAir to Unveil Next-Generation TV and DAB Radio Exciter at IBC2015


Unparalleled processing power, ultra-compact footprint and cross-standards compatibility among traits that keep over-the-air signals sharp, long-term value high

CINCINNATI, August 24, 2015 — GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, will introduce its next-generation software-defined exciter for TV and DAB Radio broadcasters and network operators at IBC2015. Featuring unparalleled signal processing power, a smaller footprint and advanced IP capabilities, the new GatesAir Maxiva XTE exciter builds on the groundbreaking, previous-generation Maxiva M2X exciter with new efficiencies and improvements for future generations of digital broadcasting.

Like the M2X exciter, the Maxiva XTE exciter is a GatesAir innovation developed by the company’s signal processing and modulation specialists. Offering market-leading efficiency and performance for broadcast network operators, the XTE further enhances signal correction to improve modulation error ratio (MER) and address other signal imperfections in over-the-air broadcasts.

Delivered in a 1RU platform—half the size of its predecessor—the XTE incorporates a 300 percent increase in digital signal processing capability, along with a 1 GHz quad-core CPU featuring 20 times the horsepower. This ensures improved signal quality, throughput and IP networking capabilities for today’s leading DTV standards (and DAB Radio) and emerging broadcast opportunities, including LTE Mobile Offload and next-generation TV standards like ATSC 3.0. Additionally, its software-defined design provides a field-upgradeable platform, ensuring broadcasters worldwide can quickly and seamlessly upgrade as standards evolve.

“The exciter is truly the engine driving the transmitter, and too many exciters on the market remain static in capabilities, or are simple repackaged modulators from suppliers lacking competency in advanced digital waveform and signal correction,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. “Our engineering team has put countless hours into research and development to ensure a futureproof platform that outperforms every exciter on the market in terms of quality, performance, size and power. The Maxiva XTE is securely two generations ahead of every TV and DAB Radio exciter on the market.”

The software-defined XTE gives broadcasters the latest technology and state-of-the-art digital correction for today’s transmitter amplifier technologies. For example, SMPTE and IEEE standardized IP technologies for transport stream input and precision timing lower overall infrastructure costs. The XTE also adds a new highly intuitive HTML5 GUI with advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, providing engineers with a highly valuable tool for predictive maintenance and real-time troubleshooting.

GatesAir will demonstrate the XTE exciter within its range of Maxiva UHF and VHF transmitters on the exhibit floor at IBC2015 (September 11-15, RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam. Stand 8.B20).

About GatesAir        

GatesAir, Inc. provides complete solutions for over-the-air radio and television broadcasting, leveraging wireless spectrum to maximize performance for multichannel, mission-critical services. Powering over-the-air networks worldwide with unparalleled reliability for nearly 100 years, GatesAir’s turnkey solutions enable broadcasters to create, transport and transmit radio and TV content.  With customers in more than 185 countries, the company leads the industry in innovation and design breakthroughs, improving efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership. Visit www.gatesair.com for more information, and follow us on Twitter at @GatesAir.


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