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GE Satcom Delivers Maritime VSAT Service to Shipping With Newtec TelliCast IP Datacasting Software

by david.nunes

STUTTGART, Germany, and SINT-NIKLAAS, Belgium Sept. 6, 2010 — GE Satcom, a global provider of satellite communications services, is using Newtec’s TelliCast IP software to power its maritime service, which provides broadband satellite connectivity across land and ocean to shipping customers. With its Satlynx Maritime solution, GE Satcom provides an innovative triple-play service which can be easily multiplexed into any cabin, technical or recreation room.

The Satlynx Maritime service automatically switches between cost-effective monthly flat-rate Ku-band satellites and usage-based alternatives, according to the lowest cost available. This gives it independence from any single satellite system, reduces cost of operation and delivers more for those on board ship.

At the beginning of September, after a successful pilot proving Newtec’s TelliCast software’s easy administration, reliability and scalability, the Satlynx Maritime service was launched commercially. Maritime operators can now deliver crew welfare services and build a network management system for a whole fleet, enabling maritime operators to provide up-to-date charting and routing information, monitor vessel location and progress, fuel levels, consumption rates and engine performance.

“Newtec’s TelliCast datacasting software powers our Satlynx Maritime service with the most economical transfers, and it is a very important component of our satellite-based platforms,” says Ronny Svang, President and CEO of GE Satcom.

The TelliCast multicast software, part of Newtec’s Tellitec® IP software product family, is a proven solution for secure and reliable delivery with unprecedented availability. TelliCast consists of a server software component, with a set of software clients embedded into a variety of receiver devices. The reliability of file broadcasting is enhanced by TelliCast’s partial retransmission capabilities, which ensure no-loss operation by retransmitting any detected missing fragments — an important factor for services on the move.

“TelliCast is a robust and efficient platform, and those qualities are essential in an application like Satlynx Maritime,” says Christian Zanoth, Newtec’s Business Line Director, Tellitec Software and Solutions. “High reliability in transmission, high bandwidth efficiency, sophisticated content protection, powerful automation and reduced channel costs are important to multicast service providers everywhere, and TelliCast delivers on all counts.”

GE Satcom’s Maritime solution enhances crew life at sea by delivering a wide choice of quality TV entertainment, as well as providing instant access to Internet applications and an easy-to-use crew calling system. This advanced satellite maritime service is designed for industrial, commercial, military and leisure use.

“Satlynx Maritime is yet another example of the proliferation of innovative services Newtec customers provide around the world,” says Serge Van Herck, CEO, Newtec. “GE Satcom has created a valuable service that expands the possibilities of communication to some of the remotest locations — the world’s oceans.”


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