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GenCell Launches Revolutionary Off-Grid Ammonia-to-Power Solution for Mobile Operators

by Anthony Weaver

GenCell FOX Offers Agile, Smart & Zero-Emission Hydrogen-on-Demand Fuel Cell Technology to Run Off-Grid Telecom Towers Anywhere

Petah Tikva, Israel – February 7, 2022 – GenCell Energy, (TASE: GNCL), the leading provider of hydrogen and ammonia to power solutions, announces that the Company will formally launch its GenCell FOX off-grid power solution for mobile operators, that generates power on-demand from ammonia.

The GenCell FOX delivers reliable, resilient and zero-emission primary power which can replace fossil fuel generators. The solution can also complement solar PV and wind power solutions at telecom sites around the globe. The FOX can be placed at a telecom base station in virtually any location where grid services are poor or non-existent to keep the tower running without any need for servicing or refueling for as long as half a year.

The GenCell FOX is an evolution of the GenCell A5 and has been developed specifically to provide power for operators’ radio networks.  GenCell has successfully completed a series of rigorous field tests of the FOX in various weather conditions with a number of operators. GenCell will be offering operators a limited number of pre-launch projects for deployment in 2022, and it will be available for full commercial deployment in 2023.

Rami Reshef, CEO at GenCell, said, “The GenCell FOX is the first fuel cell solution to overcome the limitations of the current hydrogen infrastructure by creating hydrogen-on-demand from ammonia, the world’s second most-produced inorganic chemical. More than 200 million tons of ammonia is produced each year and distributed globally via pipelines, tankers and trucks, making it readily available and inexpensive. By creating hydrogen-on-demand from ammonia, the GenCell FOX provides zero-emission fuel cell power at a lower cost than diesel generators. 

“As the need for green power for towers has become more insistent and obvious, while in parallel we have demonstrated that the product has completed successful field tests in various extreme weather conditions, we are seeing increasingly broad interest in the FOX from telecom, cable and other connectivity providers around the world.  We trust that the solution will help telco operators and tower managers everywhere to reliably and cost-effectively power their towers while meeting both their sustainability and resiliency targets,” concludes Reshef.

GenCell will be demonstrating this technology at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, being held from 28 February through 3 March. To schedule a meeting with the GenCell team, click here.

About GenCell Energy

GenCell Energy (TASE: GNCL) develops total green power solutions based on reliable, zero-emission alkaline fuel cells and green ammonia-to-energy technology which deliver uninterrupted power to help the world #SayNoToDiesel and transition to clean energy.  The ability to produce not only clean power from GenCell’s fuel cells, but also the green fuel on which the fuel cells run, sets GenCell in a far superior position as a well-to-wheel total green energy solution provider.  GenCell delivers resilient, robust and weather-resistant backup power for utilities, telecom and other mission-critical applications which have been deployed in 22 countries. Our hydrogen-on-demand solution provides primary power for off-grid and poor-grid sites, as well as for rural electrification. GenCell Energy numbers more than 110 employees, including veterans of space and submarine projects. The Company is headquartered in Israel with a worldwide distribution and support network and retains unique intellectual property that includes patents, trade secrets and know-how.

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