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Genesis Technical Systems appoints former Orange international executive to lead HR team

by david.nunes

Genesis Technical Systems appoints former Orange international executive to lead HR team

Lesley Harvey joins rapidly growing telecoms vendor as it prepares for growth

Coventry, UK – 8 January 2015 – Coventry-based Genesis Technical Systems has appointed Lesley Harvey as People and Places Director, marking continued growth and success of the company. Lesley joins the team with extensive expertise in large multinational organisations based in the UK and internationally, working for big names such as Orange, Polygram and Aon Hewitt.

Lesley’s appointment comes at a time of growth and expansion for the company. Over the last 12 months Genesis has increased its workforce by 45%, with aims to continue this growth over the next 18 months through employing up to 80 new members of staff. This is not the first time that Lesley has been focused on an organisation’s growth; prior to working for Genesis Lesley was responsible for growing global mobile giant Orange’s operation  in Thailand, recruiting more than 2,500 employees over an 8 month period for launch readiness.

Lesley also has plans to introduce a brand new smart working environment to further increase employee engagement and attract people to working at Genesis. Smart working is a principle that aligns people, places and technology to create synergy, engagement and results. An example might be creating a variety of ‘spaces’ which are task related rather than having a fixed desk for all tasks. “Empowering employees to make choices about their working methods and environment boosts engagement, increases employee retention and creates happy and committed teams that want to grow and evolve the company they work for,” said Lesley Harvey, People and Places Director, Genesis.

Genesis is currently developing plans to establish a new innovative smart working environment to house its expanding workforce. The new space will include a purpose-built test laboratory, chill and chat zones, group areas and touch-down desks. Genesis will provide a highly motivational working environment for its staff, however and wherever they wish to work.

Lesley has high expectations for the future of Genesis and believes that an innovative smart working environment, coupled with clever use of technology enabling individuals to exercise those choices will ensure that its growth and success continues far into the future. “I am thrilled to have joined Genesis Technical Systems,” said Lesley Harvey. “As we look forward to 2015 we want to continue on our path to be an organisation that not only supplies cutting-edge technology, but one that also uses state-of-the-art technology in our day-to-day business.”

 About Genesis

Genesis Technical Systems provides the ground-breaking DSL Rings® and mBond™ technologies, delivering affordable superfast broadband over existing copper networks.

mBond provides mobile telecommunications operators with a unique opportunity to dramatically enhance their copper-wired base stations’ capacity. Bandwidth needs are significantly increasing with the deployment of high speed data services such as 3G and LTE. Therefore, telecoms operators need to enhance their BTS backhaul as fast as possible while keeping their costs low.

DSL Rings changes the competitive landscape for voice, video and data telecommunications services by enabling superfast Internet bandwidth to rural and urban customers at a fraction of the cost and deployment time of other solutions.

Genesis has offices in Calgary, Canada, and Coventry, United Kingdom.

For more information, visit www.genesistechsys.com and www.facebook.com/genesistechsys.


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