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With service providers estimated to lose $386 billion by 2018 due to competition from OTT applications, they need to rapidly seek new revenue models. Up until now, service providers have not had much success in competing with these OTT services, which makes this trend a major concern. 

“Think about the OTT (over the top) Cloud applications that run on the infrastructure you provide: Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Maps and more. You provide the infrastructure, the satellite links, the entire spectrum of network services… and OTTs use it all to siphon revenue from you with lower-quality and often-free apps.”

In our latest white paper, Combating the Revenue Drain form OTT Applications, we explore some strategies for keeping the integrity of your business model intact. By leveraging your strengths and expanding to new verticals, you may find that you can improve business as a whole.

So how can you ensure success? In our opinion, service providers must first take few actions that will make you more than just a ‘connectivity’ provider:

  1. Open your systems to speed up provisioning
  2. Integrate and disaggregate applicable functions for optimal efficiency
  3. Incorporate network function virtualization (NFV) to help cut costs
  4. Move to the cloud’s edge to improve quality of experience
When done correctly, these steps can provide you definite advantage over any OTT.
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Hayim Porat