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Gigabit Jersey programme progresses on schedule

by david.nunes

Gigabit Jersey programme progresses on schedule

12 August 2014

10,000th customer switched to fibre

JT has announced that 10,000 customers have now been switched to the new fibre-optic broadband as its Gigabit Jersey programme progresses on schedule.

In August, Dr Kathleen Flambard became the 10,000th customer to switch and to celebrate JT has provided her with a 1 Gigabit complimentary service for one year.

Dave Newbold, JT’s Gigabit Director, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have reached this very important landmark in our Gigabit Jersey programme which is already revolutionising the way Islanders use the internet and bringing many advantages for Jersey. I am pleased to confirm that we are on track to complete the programme on budget by the end of 2016 and would like to congratulate Dr Flambard for becoming our 10,000th customer.”

Dr Kathleen Flambard was switched to the new fibre-optic network becoming the 10,000th customer to be connected. She said: “I am delighted to have been switched to the new fibre network and so far my family and I have been very impressed with the improvements in internet speed, reliability and the whole installation experience. As the 10,000th fibre customer we are being given the Gigabit service for a year which is something we might not have chosen for ourselves but it is very exciting as we now have the opportunity to experience superfast broadband in our own home. I’m sure this will change the way we use the internet in the future and we’re looking forward to seeing the many new ways we can enjoy it as a family.”

Superfast broadband delivered through JT’s new fibre-optic network is important for those who enjoy activities such as social networking, video-calling, downloading music and film, and streaming TV.  With recent research showing that on average, homes in Jersey contain at least ten internet enabled devices, quicker internet will be welcomed as it allows more family members to use the internet smoothly and quickly at the same time.

Mr Newbold said: “The combination of fibre-optic broadband and 4G means that Jersey will be one of the most seamlessly ‘connected’ places in the world, which is good news for local residents and businesses alike.”

Gigabit Jersey is JT’s five year programme to switch all households and businesses in Jersey from the old copper broadband network to the new fibre-optic network. The 10,000 figure includes both JT and Sure customers.

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