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Global Broadcast Summit Chair appointed Director General of NABA

by david.nunes


Global Broadcast Summit Chair appointed Director General of NABA



Michael McEwen to chair global CEO-level debate on the future of the Broadcast Industry


London, 19 April 2012 – Global Broadcast Summit (GBS) Chair, Michael McEwen has been appointed Director General of North American Broadcasters Association (NABA), one of the most influential broadcasting organisations in the world.


NABA President, Robert Briskman, made the announcement in New York today on behalf of the organisation’s board of directors noting McEwen’s distinguished career with Canadian Broadcaster CBC, where he was Senior Vice President until 1997. He also noted McEwen’s long association with NABA as a past Director, President and Secretary General and his involvement in the implementation of new technologies such as the Digital HD Television in Canada


Briskman said, “Michael brings to NABA a depth of broadcast experience and understanding of the industry at a time our members are challenged by change in our markets, services, technologies and regulations. We look to him to use that experience and consensus making skill to help our members come to unified positions on the issues of the day and to take actions beneficial to our industry.”


In 2011, McEwen was appointed chair of the Global Broadcast Summit, an invitation-only, CEO-level debate on the future of the Broadcast industry. Michael will retain his strategic involvement in, and chairmanship of the Summit, which will take place in London from 28-29 November 2012.


“I welcome the opportunity and privilege to again work with NABA members in developing broadcast leadership on the major industry questions which members are dealing with both in North America and around the world,” said McEwen. “This appointment comes at a perfect time for me as this is something we are trying to achieve with the GBS on a global scale by bringing together the world’s leading broadcasters to debate and discuss the impact of digital technology, social policy, regulations and changing consumer demands on their businesses.”


Before joining NABA, McEwen served for six years as a Director and later Chairman of industry consultancy Media Asset Capital (MAC).




About Global Broadcast Summit


The Global Broadcast Summit (GBS) will debut in London in November 2012 and will bring together, by invitation only, Chief Executives of the world’s leading broadcasters as well as regulators and government officials to debate and discuss the global broadcast industry from a business strategy, economic, technology and regulatory perspective. The GBS will create an opportunity for the conventional broadcast industry to assess the impact of digital technology, social policy, regulation and changing consumer demands on their businesses – past, present and future.




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About NABA


NABA is a non-profit association of the most influential broadcasting organizations throughout North America committed to advancing the interests of broadcasters at home and internationally. Network broadcasters, both public and private, in the United States, Mexico and Canada, work together to provide a common voice for the North American broadcast community. As a member of the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU), NABA creates the opportunity for North American broadcasters to share information, identify common interests and reach consensus on issues of an international nature. NABA provides representation for North American broadcasters in global forums on topics including journalism issues, protection of content, spectrum related concerns, the territorial integrity of broadcasters’ signals, and digital transmission issues.



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