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Global Critical Messaging Association Formed by European and American Associations Agreement

by david.nunes

Global Critical Messaging Association Formed by

European and American Associations Agreement

New accord increases collaborative efforts to advance the critical messaging industry and address global communications issues.

Stockholm, Sweden (September 12, 2012), — The European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA) and the Critical Messaging Association (CMA) announced today that they have signed an agreement to form a coalition. The agreement will enable the Associations to work together to advance the industry and more easily resolve global issues and expand membership outreach and support. The announcement was made at the opening of the Global Critical Messaging Summit in Stockholm.

Both Associations will now operate under the Critical Messaging Association name with EMMA operating as the Critical Messaging Association Europe (CMA Europe) and the current CMA operating as the Critical Messaging Association Americas (CMA Americas). The associations will operate autonomously within their own jurisdictions and will collaborate on global issues and joint initiatives. CMA Europe will have jurisdiction in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. CMA Americas will have jurisdiction in North, Central, South America and Australia.

EMMA serves more than 15 operators and vendors from 10 countries and continues to attract more members. CMA, formerly the American Association of Paging Carriers, serves more than 65 corporate and individual members located throughout the United States. The two associations’ visions are aligned and they intend to expand their memberships through global recruitment of companies that provide critical messaging services in the public safety, healthcare and enterprise spaces.

Derek Banner, Chairman of CMA Europe, said “This coalition makes great sense for each party. Our goals are identical but our members operate in separate geographies and under different regulatory regimes. This Agreement enables us to work together on important global issues but to maintain our independence for the local issues that are vital for our members.”

Ted McNaught, President of CMA Americas, said “EMMA and CMA have worked closely, but informally, for many years so it made sense to formalize the relationship. Members of both Associations will benefit through increased networking as well as business and marketing opportunities. The collaboration will also enable critical messaging companies globally to communicate easily and bring the world’s most successful services to their customers quickly, efficiently and at minimal cost.”

A Steering Group comprised of the presiding members of CMA Europe and CMA Americas will oversee the global agenda and governance of the global coalition. The newly combined CMA will continue to hold two conferences every year, one on the western side of the Atlantic and the other on the eastern side.


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