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Global-ICT 2021 media pack

by david.nunes

The Global Media Pack describes the next edition of the magazine including: the overarching theme, contributors to date in name order, and the ICT event[s] at which, because we are one of the official media partners, the magazine will be freely distributed.

This is our yearly ‘special edition’ of Connect-World which literally covers the whole world. It normally includes contributors from all continents.

Past editions of Connect-World Global have discussed: Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Economy, Cloud Computing and Global Digital Security.

Theme: AI and the Future of the Workplace

Smart technologies aren’t just changing our homes; they’re edging their way into numerous industries and are disrupting the workplace. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy across an organization – but is this entirely beneficial? Many fear that the rise of AI will lead to machines and robots replacing human workers and view this progression in technology as threat rather than a tool to better ourselves.

Friend or foe?

With AI continuing to be a prominent buzzword in 2019, businesses need to realize that self-learning and black-box capabilities are not the panacea. Many organisations are already beginning to see the incredible capabilities of AI, using these advantages to enhance human intelligence and gain real value from their data.

As there is increasing evidence demonstrating the benefits of intelligent systems, more decision-makers in the boardroom are gaining a better understanding of what AI can really offer. Research conducted by EY explains “organizations enabling AI at the enterprise level are increasing operational efficiency, making faster, more informed decisions and innovating new products and services.”

Contributors [Name Order]

  • Atul Bhakta, CEO, One World Express
  • Atul Shah, Co-founder & Chairman, JAXJOX
  • Biswajit Sharma, Chairman of Technology Board, Tecnotree
  • Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas
  • Enrico Salvatori, President, Qualcomm, Europe
  • Kevin Lomax (Dr.), Executive Chairman, Ipsotek
  • Lars Rensing, CEO & Co-Founder, Protokol
  • Mansour Karam,  Co-Founder & President, Apstra
  • N K Goyal [Prof.], President, CMAI/  Chairman Emeritus TEMA, India
  • Norm Merritt, CEO, Qualitest
  • Robert Bell, Executive Director, World Teleport Association (WTA)
  • Rod Millar, CEO, Brightstar

Contribution and Breakdowns



Total copies: 26,635

  • ITU Digital World, Hanoi, Vietnam, 12-15 October

Fortune 1,000 companies 7,000
Chairman, CEO…
Governments 3,000
Head of state, Ministers…
International organisations 2,000
Leading executives…
Regional top 100 ICT companies by sales turnover 10,000
Regional chairman, CEO…
Africa 750
Asia-Pacific 2,250
Europe 2,750
Latin America 1,000
Middle East 750
North America 2,500

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