Theme:  Fewer fancy phones, more fulfilment

The world many of us live in is changing at an exciting pace. Innovations are generating new gadgets, more convenient services and greater opportunities. But many of these changes target a comparatively small percentage of the globe’s population. In many parts of the developing world, nobody has seen an iPhone or can download an app. However, there is tremendous room for entrepreneurs to adapt innovations intended for the wealthy to serve the world’s poor. Solar panels and LED lights, designed for sale in rich nations, are stimulating growth in commercial off-grid electrification in India and Africa. Mobile telecommunication is being used to facilitate financial inclusion in developing countries across the world. Once-expensive medical procedures can be done amazingly cheaply. Even the financial sector is innovating in order to reach the world’s poor; as well as investors looking for opportunities that not only help them increase their net worth but also improve the world. Better financing opportunities are opening up for social entrepreneurs who build businesses to serve the poor profitably. Instead of producing fancier phones, we will create more fulfilling lives for people who have been mostly ignored to date.


Confirmed authors [Name Order]

  • Andrus Ansip, Vice President, Digital Single Market, EU Commissioner
  • Ashley Smatt, Chief Executive & Founder, Maximus Networks
  • Ben Cade, CEO, Trustonic
  • David Levi, CEO, Ethernity Networks
  • Eesha Sheikh, CEO, Playpal
  • Fekitamoeloa Utoikamanu (Ms), UN High-Representative / Under-Secretary-General.
  • Gianluca Bisceglie, Founder & CEO, Visyond
  • Goyal, N.K. Prof. President CMAI Association of India
  • Josh Garrett, President, MMS, Tangoe Inc
  • László Palkovics, Minister for Innovation & Technology, Hungary
  • Lindsay Frost (Dr.) ETSI ISG CIM Chairman,
  • Manoranjan ‘Mao’ Mohapatra, CEO, Mahindra Comviva
  • Maureen Kaplan, Cybersecurity Lead, Vodafone Group Business
  • Peter Meissner (Dr.), CEO, NGMN Alliance
  • Raul Martynek, CEO, DataBank
  • Robin Lee, CEO, HelloGold Foundation, Asia-Pacific

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AfricaComm, Cape Town, South Africa, 13-15 November 2018

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