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GlobalData reveals diverse perspectives among Twitter influencers around Threads app by Meta

by Anthony Weaver

Meta Platforms, Inc (Meta) [1], the parent company of Facebook and
Instagram, has launched Threads app, a rival app for Twitter on 06 July
2023. Following the launch, diverse perspectives among the Twitter
influencers around the Threads app surged in the first week of July,
reveals the Social Media Analytics Platform [2] of GlobalData [3], a
leading data and analytics company.

Smitarani Tripathy, Social Media Analyst at GlobalData, comments:
“Some Twitter influencers opine that the launch of Threads may pose a
serious threat to Twitter, as the app has capitalized on the recent
technical glitches of Twitter and praised the user experience features
of the Threads apps.

“Meanwhile, another set of influencers does not see it as a Twitter
killer, despite having a huge Instagram database. Influencers are
concerned with the data privacy issue of the platform as Meta being the
parent company has already come under enormous criticism for censorship
in the past. A few influencers believe Threads can be a second platform
alongside Twitter rather than a replica or replacement.”

Below are a few of the most popular influencer opinions captured by the
GlobalData’s Social Media Analytics Platform:

  * Brian Sullivan, Correspondent  at CNBC: [4]

“Will Facebook’s new “Twitter killer” Threads actually kill Twitter
… or just create a 2nd platform alongside it? Yes 13.1%   No 45.8%
2nd platform  41.1%
1,460 votes.  Final results”

  * Michael A.Gayed, Portfolio Manager: [5]

“Posting from Threads directly to Instagram is phenomenal. Look I’m
not a fan of Meta but this is undeniably a better experience than

  * Jonno Simpson, Head of Content at Victoria Racing Club:   [6]

“First day teething problems over at Threads… however super
impressed with the uptake so far. Simple sign-on using Instagram means
very low barrier to entry and busy feed, which was always the issue with

  * Michael Arrington, Founder of TechCrunch: [7]

“First impressions of Threads: it’s good. Clean. But the fact that
it’s an Instagram app makes it kind of hard to wrap my head around. I
don’t see it killing twitter, but it makes IG better for sure.”

  * Colin Muhammad, Owner of Talking  Crypto: [8]

“#Threads– the new competitor to Twitter? No thanks. Why? Because
Mark Zuckerberg has already demonstrated massive abuse of censorship on
Facebook & Instagram, as well as collusion with governments. Why would
you support such a low-life and anti-human? #ThreadsApp”

  * Immad Akhund, CEO at Mercury: [9]

“There is some cognitive dissonance in using 🧵 (the new meta app)
It’s currently a bad copy of Twitter. The only reason to use it is if
you are anti- @elonmusk. But it’s hard to believe someone is anti-Elon
but pro Meta having a full social monopoly.

Am I missing something?”

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