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GlobalPlatform Welcomes New Member Imagination Technologies

by david.nunes

GlobalPlatform Welcomes New Member Imagination Technologies

13 January 2016 – GlobalPlatform has announced Imagination Technologies as the latest company to join its growing membership in support of the body’s work to standardize the management of applications on secure chip technology.

Imagination develops and licenses silicon and software intellectual property (IP) solutions for systems-on-chips (SoCs). Its hardware and software IP, infrastructure technologies and system solutions are used by the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and original equipment and design manufacturers (OEM/ODMs) to bring mobile, consumer and embedded electronic products to market quickly.

Joining as an Observer Member, Imagination will initially prioritize participation in GlobalPlatform’s Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile Task Forces.

“Imagination believes it’s critical to align and collaborate with our customers, partners and the wider industry to address today’s significant security and interoperability challenges,” comments Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing at Imagination. “Joining GlobalPlatform encourages this alignment as we focus on helping our customers and partners using our multi-domain security technologies to create trusted solutions for mobile phones and tablets, IoT, wearables, automotive and numerous other markets.”

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform, adds: “As the IoT market continues to grow, so too do the security and privacy challenges. For this reason, GlobalPlatform is particularly focused on supporting the effective management of functionality and security updates to IoT devices. We are committed to working with all actors contributing to this space to achieve this and enhance the security and interoperability of this developing ecosystem. We look forward to welcoming Imagination’s contribution and benefitting from its expertise in this area.”

For further information on GlobalPlatform membership, visit the membership pages.

About GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform defines and develops specifications to facilitate the secure deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology. Its standardized infrastructure empowers service providers to develop services once and deploy across different markets, devices and channels. GlobalPlatform’s security and privacy parameters enable dynamic combinations of secure and non-secure services from multiple providers on the same device, providing a foundation for market convergence and innovative new cross-sector partnerships. 


GlobalPlatform is the international industry standard for trusted end-to-end secure deployment and management solutions. The technology’s widespread global adoption across finance, mobile/telecom, government, premium content, automotive, healthcare, retail and transit sectors delivers cost and time-to-market efficiencies to all. GlobalPlatform supports the long-term interoperability and scalability of application deployment and management through its secure chip technology open compliance program.

As a non-profit, member-driven association, GlobalPlatform has cross-market representation from all continents.  120+ members contribute to technical committees and market-led task forces. For more information on GlobalPlatform membership visit www.globalplatform.org


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