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Globe Telecom Deploys Oscilloquartz Timing Technology Throughout Philippine Network

by david.nunes

Globe Telecom Deploys Oscilloquartz Timing Technology Throughout Philippine Network

New Solution for Frequency and Phase Delivery Addresses Booming Demand and Prepares for Future Growth

Manilla, Philippines. September 6, 2016. Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, announced today that Globe Telecom, Inc. is using its frequency and phase delivery technology throughout its national transport network. The three-year agreement involves the deployment of hundreds of Oscilloquartz devices to deliver highly accurate synchronization across Globe Telecom’s enormous island-to-island infrastructure. The technology, including cesium clocks, PTP grandmasters and Oscilloquartz’s network management system, will be a critical component of Globe Telecom’s national core network as it responds to demand for LTE services and other applications that require highly accurate frequency and phase information. Oscilloquartz will be working with long-term partner Tel-Trade Communications and Development to deploy and maintain its technology throughout Globe Telecom’s network footprint.

“Future-proofing through innovation is a big part of our philosophy. That’s why we’ve invested in a synchronization solution that not only maximizes customer experience today but also plants the seeds for further growth,” said Ronald Allan Oruga, regional solutions manager, Transport and Fixed Access Network Solutions Engineering, Globe Telecom. “The immediate benefits include higher broadband capacity and improved location accuracy. These enable us to offer a whole new range of services. It’s also more efficient so we can deliver even better value to our end customers. One of the key benefits as we move forward will be the enormous scalability of their modular grandmaster clock. We now know our network can grow alongside future demand. We also believe that people make the most difference so another reason we chose Oscilloquartz was the quality of its team. They share our drive to exceed expectations, to always go further than before.”

Paving the way for LTE services and beyond was one of Globe Telecom’s main requirements. The extra capacity and throughput will be essential for instant video streaming, multi-media applications and to enable the internet of things to grow. To make this possible the new synchronization network is one of the first to utilize the OSA 5335 modular PTP grandmaster. This device can accommodate more than 6,000 remote slaves, giving it the market’s highest capacity. The solution is also built with the compact and precise OSA 323OB cesium clock as well as the SyncView(TM)Plus management system, which gives Globe Telecom complete oversight and remote control of every synchronization element. This level of control makes a real difference to the speed and reliability of the services that end customers receive.

“To synchronize a network on this scale and across so many islands takes a whole lot of expertise, imagination and cooperation,” commented Gil Biran, general manager, Oscilloquartz. “The close collaboration between Globe Telecom’s team and ours helped make this year’s deployments such a success. As one of the leading service providers in the Philippines, Globe Telecom was determined to go further, to do more than improve its current infrastructure. That’s why the work so far is just the start of a long-term mission to evolve their network. LTE capabilities will be vital for mobile customers and for businesses as the Philippines continues to grow in the global market. We’re bringing the next generation of Globe Telecom’s network to life. We’ve already achieved such a lot and the exciting thing is that we’re still at the beginning of the journey.”

Watch ADVA Optical Networking’s latest video on assisted partial timing support for more information: http://youtu.be/M5KY1taktNg.

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