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Globetouch enables international live broadcast streaming over mobile networks for RTL Belgium

by david.nunes

Globetouch enables international live broadcast streaming over mobile networks for RTL Belgium

Oakland, California: 8 September 2016 – Globetouch, a world-leading provider of global connectivity solutions, today announced that RTL Belgium, the country’s leading broadcaster, is using its global ecosystem based on CloudSIM technology for live streaming from outside broadcasts. This gives RTL low latency data connectivity with unlimited usage on a pay as you go basis over mobile networks abroad, with no roaming costs.

The widespread availability of 3G connectivity, combined with technical improvements in devices that enable streaming from cameras or trucks in the field, make mobile networks a viable alternative to the satellite communications traditionally used for outside broadcasting. For broadcasters such as RTL Belgium, unplanned events occur more frequently than in the past all over the world, and mobile connectivity allows much greater agility to cover these. Reporters can get on site and start streaming far more quickly than with traditional satellite news gathering set ups in large trucks.

RTL Belgium chose Globetouch because of the worldwide coverage of its ecosystem, comprising of local Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in each country, with the crucial capability for the high capacity at low latency essential for streaming live high definition video. According to François-Xavier Van Leeuw, Cameramen Manager at RTL: “It cuts all the hassle out of events coverage abroad, ensuring we have both the availability and quality of foreign networks. Now Globetouch takes care of all that complexity.”

This complexity has involved buying and changing SIM cards each time RTL Belgium wanted to extend coverage to a new country, which Globetouch has completely eliminated. Now the broadcaster can deploy cameras and associated equipment worldwide without any change. RTL Belgium now has just a single APN access point name, meaning it can range over the whole world like a single country. Billing is bundled and broken down by country for complete transparency.

“We are very proud to have been chosen by RTL Belgium for an important development, enabling them to respond faster to breaking events all around the world. We help them reduce data costs as well as OPEX by offloading the complexity of managing multiple SIMs internationally,” said Globetouch COO Richard Grohol. “This proves our credentials as a global provider of live streaming coverage for the media industry, where we have several key differentiators.”

Apart from offering low cost connectivity at competitive rates by taking advantage of local competition between operators, as well as ease of operation for RTL Belgium’s outside broadcast teams going forward, another important differentiator lies in resiliency. Unlike solutions provided by individual MNOs through bilateral arrangement with peers overseas, the Globetouch ecosystem includes multiple MNO partners in each country. This allows Globetouch to combine two or more mobile networks locally, so that live streaming can continue if one network fails, or signal is temporally unavailable where the camera is located.

The initial contract between Globetouch and RTL Belgium runs for 12 months.

About Globetouch

Globetouch is a leader in global connectivity services that is pioneering a new model for a connected world. By building a unique, virtual, collaborative ecosystem of network operators Globetouch supports the mobile consumer and all business verticals across the entire spectrum of connectivity including, mobile operators, M2M service providers, MVNOs, OTT providers, connected devices OEMs, device distributors and enterprises. To learn more visit: http://www.globetouch.com. For more information, please contact:

About RTL Belgium

RTL Belgium operates  3 TV Channels and 2 Radio stations. RTL Belgium is market leader among the French-speaking Belgian TV channels and radio stations. RTL Belgium is part of the RTL Group, the leading European entertainment network, which has interests in 57 television channels and 31 radio stations and content production throughout the world. RTL Belgium is also a member of Enex association that shares news contents all over the world. RTL Group’s families of TV channels are either the number one or number two in eight European countries. RTL Group’s content production arm, FremantleMedia, is one of the largest international creators, producers and distributors of multi-genre content outside the US. RTL Group also owns a majority stake in the programmatic video advertising platform SpotX. For more information, please visit RTLGroup.com and follow RTL Group on Twitter @rtlgroup.

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