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GMS Targets Extension of Openmind’s Traffic Control Platform

by david.nunes

GMS Targets Extension of Openmind’s Traffic Control Platform

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014, Dublin, Ireland:  Openmind Networks today announced that GMS, a leading CIS SMS/MMS wholesale telecoms provider, is to focus on extending the geographical spread of its Openmind servers throughout the CIS, and EU regions, in order to improve service scalability, quality and to extend its customer base.

GMS, one of the first GSMA Certified HUB providers, is a long time customer of Openmind’s and has previously deployed its SMS/MMS Hub and App Router Traffic Control modules.

Openmind’s SMS/MMS Hub has enabled GMS to become a trusted, flexible and cost efficient provider of high quality SMS/MMS services. GMS offers worldwide coverage to over 1,400 network operators and over 1,000 destinations for full two-way SMS exchange. GMS is also the largest Ukrainian provider in terms of A2P SMS/MMS traffic volumes. Openmind’s technology helps GMS support extremely high A2P traffic, processing several thousands messages per second.

“As we expand, we need a scalable and cost effective way to improve the reliability and quality of our telecoms services,” said Iurii Makarenko, CEO of GMS. “Openmind has proved to be a trusted partner over the course of our relationship. It was a straightforward decision to engage Openmind to expand our Traffic Control deployment to meet those demands. We’re really looking forward to the service scale and quality we will be able to achieve through this extension.”

“GMS is an extremely valued partner,” said Alex Duncan, CEO of Openmind. “Openmind has worked with GMS for several years to support the growth of its business. We are delighted to continue supporting its market development via an expansion of its deployment of Traffic Control in the CIS and EU regions. We’re sure this is a partnership that will continue long into the future.”

About Openmind Networks

Openmind’s Communication Platform is deployed in over 120 sites across 30 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America, powering over 1 Billion transactions every day.   Customers include Mobile Operators, Inter-Carrier Operators, Social and Media providers and more recently, direct to consumers in the App space.  The technology provides a gateway for communication and the transfer of data that takes place between individuals, groups, Apps, Service Providers and machines. The platform offers their customers all of the interfaces required to deliver and develop these services. Openmind is headquarteredin Dublin with regional offices in the Czech Republic, Germany, UAE, USA and the Netherlands. 


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About GMS

GMS is a telecommunications company providing international wholesale solutions, SMS and MMS services, mobile marketing and IT solutions to communication service providers and businesses in the CIS region and throughout the world. Since 2006 GMS’s unique technical capacities, service coverage in 200+ countries and compliance with GSMA international standards guarantee our clients the timely delivery of P2P and bulk messages worldwide. It has been an Associate member of GSMA since 2007, one of the first GSMA Certified SMS/MMS HUB providers. GMS is represented in Ukraine and Switzerland.






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