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Gnodal and Solarflare develop perfect offering for high frequency traders / big data and cloud embracers

by david.nunes

Gnodal and Solarflare Complete 10-Gigabit Switch and Server Adapter Testing


Gnodal GS-Series 10 GbE switches combine with Solarflare SFN5122F server adapters and OpenOnload to demonstrate industry-leading, ultra-low latency


Cambridge, November 1, 2011– Gnodal Limited, a systems company delivering industry-leading performance, port density and low power to the high performance data center with GS-Series switches; and Solarflare, the leader in application-intelligent 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) networking hardware and software, today announced an industry-leading 3.4 microsecond (64-byte TCP) and 3.2 microsecond (64-byte UDP) half round-trip latency, achieved under application performance tests. Such ultra-low latency under load is required in mission-critical, time- sensitive applications ranging from high frequency trading to cloud, big data, and high performance computing workloads.


“We are extremely excited to partner with Solarflare to demonstrate an ultra-low latency solution to the performance community,” commented Fred Homewood, CEO, Gnodal Limited. “A number of our customers have asked us to work closely with Solarflare’s 10GbE server adapters and OpenOnload® acceleration middleware to provide the optimal performance solution. This testing shows that with the low latency combination of the Solarflare 10GbE server adapter and the scalable Gnodal GS-Series switch family, we are able to provide an industry leading end-to-end low latency solution capable of spanning many thousands of ports.”


“It is critical for Solarflare to show our customers the end-to-end performance of solutions being evaluated, namely the switch and the 10GbE server adapter working together,” said Bruce Tolley, vice president solutions marketing, Solarflare. “We were pleased to partner with Gnodal and get such great results with the application benchmark testing in our Cambridge, UK engineering lab.”


The SFN5122F is the lowest-latency, lowest-power 10GbE server adapter on the market. When combined with OpenOnload, the Solarflare adapter can achieve ultra low TCP/UDP application latency and millions of messages per second. By improving the host CPU efficiency, OpenOnload enables applications to leverage more server resources, resulting in dramatically accelerated application performance without any need to rewrite applications or change the existing Ethernet and TCP/IP infrastructure. At less than 2.5 watts per ports, the SF5122F has the lowest power consumption in the industry among 10GbE server adapters.


The GS-Series is built to scale from an industry-leading 72 ports in a sleek 1RU form factor to an extensive network of up to 64,000 ports, by combining other members of the family to create cost-effective, ultra-low latency, highly utilized fabrics. With an initial port-to-port latency as low as 150ns and additional hops at a mere 66ns, multi-stagenetworks containing thousands of ports can be assembled, maintaining optimal latency characteristics. Highly efficient arbitration techniques enable the Gnodal fabric to dynamically load-balance traffic seamlessly, thereby allowing for near 100% bandwidth utilization, even in the event of end-point congestion. These techniques also prevent head-of-line blocking typically found in traditional networks when building larger fabrics comprised of multiple chassis. In addition to unprecedented levels of performance, the products are also extremely power efficient, exhibiting typical power consumption under 1.6 Watts per twinax copper port and under 2.5 Watts per optical port.


About Gnodal Limited

Gnodal has defined a revolutionary 10/40 GbE switch family, free from current network limitations, offering unprecedented performance improvements and almost unlimited scalability. Gnodal switch products derive their extreme performance capability from its own revolutionary architectural design that minimizes network congestion and delivers optimum performance with minimal cost and power consumption. Gnodal products fulfill today’s high performance requirements in such markets as Scientific and Engineering, Financial Services, Web 2.0, Cloud and Hosting providers, Video, Life sciences, and Oil and Gas exploration. For more information, please visit http://www.gnodal.com.

Gnodal is headquartered in Bristol, UK with offices in Palo Alto, CA.


About Solarflare

Solarflare is the leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O products that bridge the gap between applications and the network, delivering improved performance, increased scalability, and higher return on investment.  The company’s solutions are widely used in scale-out server environments such as high frequency trading, high performance computing, cloud, virtualization and big data. Solarflare’s products are available from leading distributors and value-added resellers, as well as from Dell, IBM, and HP. Solarflare is headquartered in Irvine, California and has an R&D site in Cambridge, UK.


For more information, please visit www.solarflare.com


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