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Google Launches Free Generative AI Courses, Here’s Why It’s Important

by Anthony Weaver

Recently, Google [3] has launched ten new generative AI learning courses
to help upskill those looking for jobs in the future.

The courses focus on the differences between AI and machine learning, an
introduction to Google’s machine learning training platform Vertex AI,
seven of the courses are introductory and free.

So why is this important?

“Seeing AI specific courses being offered for the average person is a
major step in AI becoming more and more mainstream across all
industries. The average person might feel detached from concepts like
machine learning, neural networks, or data analytics, but these aren’t
alien entities – they are tools shaping our reality. By educating
ourselves about AI, we are not just acquiring a new skill set, we are
gaining literacy in the language of our era,” explains Iterate.a
Co-Founder Brian Sathianathan.

As AI becomes more utilized across industries, it will be important for
everyone, not just developers, to know the fundamentals.

“For people, especially those whose industries are looking to
implement AI, it is important to learn more about how AI works, what it
entails and how to deploy the technology efficiently and effectively.
The best way for that to happen is to have an educated workforce where
people know how AI is working for them and what it can do. Courses like
Google’s demonstrate how AI is growing and the importance of adapting
to the next generation of technology,” Sathianathan states.

Brian Sathianathan is the CTO and Co-Founder of Iterate.ai [4], and
recently received a Gold Globee Award [5] for the Chief Technology
Officer of the Year in Artificial Intelligence.

Iterate.ai [4] is an AI-powered low code software and ecosystem intended
to accelerate innovation projects within large enterprises.

Recently listed as one of the The KMWorld’s AI 100 [6], Iterate’s
platform accelerates the development and deployment of AI-centric
enterprise applications and their low-code environment empowers them to
develop and deploy digital solutions faster, enabling enterprises to go
to market 17x faster with their digital initiatives.

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