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iPhone Combats Counterfeit Epidemic with Security Indicia

by david.nunes

iPhone Combats Counterfeit Epidemic with Security Indicia

LAKE WORTH, Florida, June 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Graphic Security Systems Corporation (GSSC) announced today their latest advancement to its proven and widely used security application for the iPhone.  GSSC’s security solution for the Brand Protection and Document Security industry helps to detect and defend against illicit activity, alteration, diversion and substitution in the field of counterfeiting.

Using GSSC’s patented Security Indicia technology, an everyday device such as the iPhone has been transformed into an easy to use, true multi-functional authentication tool.

“The iPhone has become the industry’s device of choice for security technology companies to extend their own digital verification methods. But, while some organizations claim that authenticating products and documents via an iPhone or smart phone brings an added level of security to their customers overall solution, is it really secure?” says Scott Perkins, COO of GSSC.

While GSSC’s app not only gathers information that supports Track and Trace functionality and utility objectives, it also simultaneously authenticates additional covert security features.  With other applications there may be multiple steps that need to be taken to truly authenticate and verify the legitimacy of the suspected product or document, but with GSSC’s app, there’s only one.

With the ever growing epidemic in the global pharmaceutical industry, GSSC’s iDetector Cloud Data Center (ICDC) provides brand integrity teams with a multi-level security solution that allows them to verify, analyze and manage data in a one-step process.

GSSC’s covert Security Indicia (SI) is a patented and proprietary technology which uses a steganographic encoding process undetectable with the naked eye and authenticated only by using GSSC’s proprietary decoding methods.

For 30+ years, Graphic Security Systems Corporation has been providing complete anti-counterfeiting solutions to government agencies, pharmaceutical and tobacco manufacturers and major corporations worldwide.  iDetector is a trademark of Graphic Security Systems Corporation.  The company is headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida.

For more information please visit www.graphicsecurity.com

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