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Greenpacket LTE-Ready Software To Launch in 2011

by david.nunes



Greenpacket LTE-ready software to launch in 2011


Kuala Lumpur, July 14, 2011 – Greenpacket, a leading developer of next generation mobile broadband and networking solutions, has started trial-testing with existing customers for its Intouch Connection Management Platform (ICMP), and targeting to launch its LTE-ready software by the end of 2011. Greenpacket has leveraged significant investments in R&D, to enhance its software solutions to deliver a seamless experience across LTE devices and protocols, understanding the importance of embracing LTE as the next step to meet the requirements of forward thinking mobile operators.


Kelvin Lee, Senior General Manager of Greenpacket said “We understand subscribers expect a seamless Internet experience regardless of the network with which they are being served. Thus inter-technology networking and mobility is imperative to any operator’s successful strategy for new services and go-to-market implementation.”


Lee added, “With LTE, mobile data can be delivered at rapid speeds so that end users can enjoy fast downloads, crisp and clear VoIP audio and smooth video streaming no matter where they are. As with other protocols, we are preparing to change the lifestyle of mobile users with a true seamless experience not only across 2G and 3G, but 4G and beyond. 


By preparing for LTE, Greenpacket is ready to take-on the task of addressing the huge and growing appetite of mobile data services where global mobile traffic is expected to increase 26 fold between 2010 and 2015. 2011 has seen the starting of LTE adoption by carriers globally, and it is predicted that 2012 will see an even larger rollout scale of LTE trial deployments.


Globally, operators are moving towards LTE with a coexistence strategy alongside their legacy networks. According to statistics, more than 50 percent of the top WiMAX operators have confirmed LTE deployment plans while another 158 operators with legacy 2G/3G networks globally will be deploying in the coming years. By 2016, LTE subscribers will increase to 305 million globally.


LTE is already becoming a reality in some operator implementations in North America and Europe.  “We see an immediate and growing need to support LTE because of our operator engagements in Asia Pacific and North America.” added Lee.


Greenpacket’s software offers mature and robust software architecture with over 10 years of deployment and innovation. The solutions for iWLAN, ANDSF and Mobile IP are compliant to 3GPP standards.  



About Greenpacket:

Greenpacket prides itself as a leading developer of Next Generation mobile broadband and networking solutions. Its carrier-grade solutions and award-winning consumer devices help Telecommunications Operators open new avenues, meet new demands, and enrich lifestyles while forging new relationships. Greenpacket believes in a future of limitless freedom in wireless communications and commits to meeting the needs of customers through innovative solutions.


Greenpacket is the solutions pillar of Green Packet Berhad, which is founded in 2000 in Silicon Valley. Green Packet Berhad is now headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and listed on the Main Board of the Malaysian bourse. It has over 1000 employees with nine operations across the globe. For more information visit: www.greenpacket.com


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Carol Koh, Director, Global Marketing

Green Packet Berhad

T: +603 7450 8888 ext 8379

E: carol.koh@greenpacket.com


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