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Greenpacket Supports 3G-Wi-Fi Ubiquity For Next Generation Wi-Fi Experience

by david.nunes


Optimizing network architecture, addressing network congestion, building better customer relationships, and generating new revenue streams

Kuala Lumpur, 16 August 2012 – Greenpacket, a leading developerof next generation mobile broadband and networking solutions supports 3G-Wi-Fi ubiquity for next generation Wi-Fi experience by offering its expertise to operators worldwide. Greenpacket is taking steps to help operators resolve their multiple network issues such as congestion, coverage and user experience in the evolving telco landscape. The connected network is now dominated by smartphones and media tablets which bring a diverse mix of traffic needs and consumers by demanding a fluid experience between 3G-Wi-Fi. Converging cellular network to a Wi-Fi network, mobile operators can optimize available cellular network resources, increase overall capacity and reduce bottlenecking of service.

As mobile data usage continues to sky rocket and as Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices become more abundant and diverse, mobile operators are beginning to see great potential for leveraging Wi-Fi hotspots for various reasons. Undoubtedly, it has piqued operator’s interest for Wi-Fi offload as an underlay to increase cellular capacity. Clearly, the integration of 3G-Wi-Fi technologies is highly desired in terms of ease of use through network discovery, authentication and security that is reinventing the approach to deliver services surrounding application and media consumption, important to the entire user experience. Whilst other popular optimization tools like policy management and instituting tiered data caps demands to greater level of sophistication at the backend to handle relationships which are predominantly network-centric. The shift of convergent networks brings a new generation of control that allows operators to combine both device and network intelligence to determine the right fit surroundingtraffic management and delivery from the device through to the core network. By incorporating a higher degree of device-centric solutions as in a device client controls, operators can truly expand its service portfolio to pursue further 3G-Wi-Fi opportunities.

The benefits of a fully converged 3G-Wi-Fi experience is apparent with the capacity boost from Wi-Fi to continue to deliver value added services and support over-the-top (OTT) applicationsbetter through optimization of scarce 3G spectrum for mission critical applications. Users will unlikely waver in their thirst for more OTT applications and carriers would have to continuously find innovative means to ensure optimaldelivery of those applications while battling revenue decline. By monetizing and maximizing Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile operators have the opportunity to expand their reach to new customers, roaming users and existing mobile subscribersusing secondary Wi-Fi only devices.

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