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GS Group announced the first game for its own game console at White Nights 2015

by david.nunes

GS Group announced the first game for its own game console at White Nights 2015

The GS Group investment and industry holding company presented its updated prototype of a hybrid device combining the functionality of a digital set-top box and game console, as well as the first game released exclusively for the new gaming platform. Presentation was held within the White Nights Mobile & Social Games Conference on June 26-27, 2015.

Representatives of the GS Group holding company demonstrated to the expert community the beta-version of the first cross-media project developed specifically for the new gaming platform by the television company First HDTV (part of GS Group) and the largest games development company in Eastern Europe – Sperasoft. The game titled “Real Russian Hunting” is a fundamentally new solution for the Russian gaming industry. It combines television and video games for an even deeper viewer involvement in TV content and the creation of a global gaming network. The unique cross-media project brings together traditional shooter adventures and a number of interactive options: online ratings, announcements and promo codes that will be shown on the Hunter & Fisher HD Channel. After the game is released for the GS Group game console, it will be adapted to other popular platforms.

The hybrid digital device elaborated by GS Group allows to play games of any genres, individually or through the network, and to watch TV channels in Full HD. Full set-top box functionality will be available for subscribers of Tricolor TV, the leading Russian satellite operator. The device can be used as a game console even without subscription to satellite TV services. According to preliminary agreements, industry leading companies will develop games for the new gaming platform.

Head of the GS Group game project, Tatiana Mikhalevskaya, unveiled the specific features of the cooperation between the holding company and game developers. Authors of projects which are of interest to GS Group will receive a free SDK and the opportunity to place games in the application store to be downloaded by Tricolor TV subscribers. The active subscriber base of the Russian digital television operator exceeds 11 million households. The developers will also have access to different ways of games monetization, and the authors of the most engaging solutions will be able to get investment support from the GS Venture corporate venture fund.

Tatiana Mikhalevskaya was also included in the expert jury of the Indie Game Cup competition for game developers. Head of the GS Group game project awarded the company AuraLab in the special category “Special from GS Group” for the adventure game ‘Karma. Incarnation 1’. Tatiana Mikhalevskaya claims that the authors managed to create a striking game with an interesting idea, expressive graphics and its own identity, which is at a higher level than other recent gaming projects. During the conference, negotiations with AuraLab were held make a prototype for the GS Group game console.

“Development of the console and gaming platform is well under way, we plan to bring a new device to the market in the 4th quarter of 2015. Our task for today is to engage as many partners as possible into the development of games who can create a variety of content for all types of audience: from a child to an advanced gamer”, said the Head of the GS Group game project, Tatiana Mikhalevskaya.

The White Nights Mobile & Social Games International Conference annually brings together over 1000 participants from across the globe. The invited experts traditionally include internationally renowned gaming industry representatives from Apple, Google, Big Fish, Facebook, VK.com, Microsoft, Lionsgate, Wargaming, EA and others.

GS Group is an international investment and industry holding company, operating using its own high technology in telecommunications and innovation. The headquarters are located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Key activities are: microelectronics development and production, electronics development and full cycle production, software products design and integration, nanomaterial R&D and production, investment in venture projects, innovation cluster Technopolis GS development, deep wood processing, media content production and management, full-service advertisement.

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