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GSMA-Led Rich Communications Suite May be too Little too Late, Says Movius

by david.nunes

GSMA-Led Rich Communications Suite May be too Little too Late, Says Movius

ATLANTAJuly 10, 2012 – Despite positive work in thwarting the demise of SMS revenues by the GSMA-led Rich Communications Suite (RCS), value-added communication company Movius believes it should go further and enable interaction with existing OTT networks.

RCS has been designed to deliver an experience beyond voice and SMS and reduce revenue losses by providing consumers with services already offered by OTT players: instant messaging or chat, live video sharing and file transfer across any device. For operators, RCS is being billed as a technology to strengthen relationships with customers and harness further revenue opportunities from advanced personal communications.

Amit Modi, Senior Vice President and GM of Products and Technology at Movius, says RCS is a step in the right direction but is too focused on the network and needs to be more about the user.

“Billions of dollars of SMS revenue is being lost each year to OTT messaging services because of smart phones. Operators must act now to combat this loss of control. Right now carriers are working to make the data pipe bigger, and in doing so, helping OTT providers, but with relatively limited benefit to their own bottom line. It is our vision that the operator acts as a central point connecting all social networks together and take back the control,” said Modi.

Movius has been a pioneer in innovative technology for many years. Modi thinks that the key to operators regaining control lies in seamlessly connecting the IP-based advanced personal communications already offered by successful existing OTT networks.

“The key is in allowing someone on Google Talk to video conference with their friend on Facebook, send a file to someone on MSN Messenger, or instant message to Skype. If the operator is providing a single simple user interface enabling this connection at the hands of the consumer then the potential is huge. It’s a win-win for the customer and the operator.

“While the RCS system is a great step forward, operators would be better served by offering an integrated open solution that allows customers to connect to any network via one portal. OTT solutions already offer all of the applications of RCS but without network limitations,” added Modi.

Later this year Movius will launch a major solution to help operators enter the advanced personal communications messaging market and take back control of the data pipe.

For more information about Movius Interactive Corporation visit www.moviuscorp.com.

About Movius

Movius Interactive Corporation is a recognized leader in unified communications solutions for telecommunication providers around the world. Its applications for converged messaging, unified conferencing and virtual telephony enable carriers in established and emerging markets to increase ARPU and market share. By continually innovating new services, Movius transforms the way the world interacts. For more information, visit www.moviuscorp.com.


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