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GTS links Czech embassies throughout the world

by david.nunes



GTS links Czech embassies throughout the world



Prague, April 27, 2012 – GTS Central Europe (GTS), a leading infrastructure-based provider of integrated telecommunications services, has successfully defended its contract to provide telecommunication services to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 112 representative offices of the Foreign Ministry including the embassies in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia will be linked. GTS has provided telecommunications services for the Ministry since 2009. The current contract for the amount of more than 5 mil Euros provides for the requirements of the Foreign Ministry until 2016.



We are very proud that we have successfully defended our association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have renewed our contract to provide key telecommunication services to this institution. We do everything we can and are committed to seeing that they get sufficiently secure, quality services that ensure the smooth functioning of communications between their representative offices around the world,” said Petr Možíš, Sales Director, GTS Czech.



The tender to provide for the telecommunication requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place in February of this year and GTS won the open, public competition in cooperation with the GiTy Company. Together, by means of terrestrial and satellite links, they provide connections between a total of 112 representative offices. The GTS IP VPN service connects Czech embassies around the world with the Foreign Ministry’s central office and simplifies communications between Czech representatives and their colleagues in Prague. GTS won due to its significantly less expensive offer and the guaranteed quality and security of its services.



The GTS IP VPN service enables easy and efficient connection of all branches of companies or institutions to a single private network. This network helps to significantly reduce operating expenses for reliable internal communications. The service is suitable for simple interconnection of local computer networks with the option of combining data, voice and Internet services.




About GTS:


GTS Central Europe is a leading infrastructure-based provider of telecommunications services in Central and Eastern Europe. GTS owns and operates an extensive fiber optic and data center network throughout the region. In the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, the company combines its regional footprint with deep local networks to deliver a broad range of services. From basic voice and data to complex virtual private networks and managed data center services, GTS assembles the latest technology with its extensive network to provide industry-leading customer solutions. With a rich operating history of nearly 20 years in CEE, the company is committed to providing service excellence and value to its nearly 40,000 business, carrier and government customers. For more information, please visit us at www.gtsce.com.


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