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Guadalajara to Work With Cisco to Become a Smart & Connected City

by david.nunes

Guadalajara to Work With Cisco to Become a Smart & Connected City

Cisco’s expertise and knowledge from working with more than 60 cities around the world will be at the disposal of Ciudad Creativa Digital

Guadalajara, Mexico, 3 October, 2014.- Cisco will advise the Guadalajara Ciudad Creativa Digital project to help create a world-class hub of digital media development and become a Smart+Connected™ City. Today, Cisco and the Fideicomiso Ciudad Creativa Digital Guadalajara signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish the future steps in order to formalize its collaboration.

Under the agreement, Cisco will share global best practices in smart cities and together with Fideicomiso Ciudad Creativa Digital Guadalajara will establish the applicable steps with the city of Guadalajara to deploy a pilot project on city infrastructure, telecommunications and urban services.

Guadalajara is working to become a global digital audiovisual production node, and foster creative industries which would include TV, cinema, interactive multimedia, digital animation, e-learning, apps, and video game development among other industries.

“Technology plays a significant role in urban transformation, reinforcing the competitiveness of cities and its capacity to attract talent and investments. We are pleased to participate in this project with the city of Guadalajara, offering our experience designing smart cities and helping them to become the first creative cluster in the region working under this concept. This endeavor is part of Cisco’s strategy in Mexico to support the country in their development of smart cities nationwide,” said Jordi Botifoll, President of Cisco in Latin America.

“We are certain that signing this Memorandum of Understanding is the first step forward that Ciudad Creativa Digital can give in the process of improving the experience and quality of life of the inhabitants of Guadalajara, Jalisco and México, implementing technology solutions for a changing world. We welcome having Cisco® world leading expertise for this endeavor. We hope this is the first of many opportunities for collaboration between all parties”, highlighted Mauricio Navarro, President of the Fideicomiso Ciudad Creativa Digital Guadalajara.

The pilot would involve the following projects:

  • City administration: Smart building design, city Wi-Fi with multiple connections to city systems, urban command center.
  • Citizen services: Citizen collaboration platform, connected plaza with multiple technologies.
  • Street-level urban services: Examples include smart public safety, smart parking, smart traffic, smart lighting, smart waste management, smart environment.

Cisco has been participating in more than 90 projects around the world, including the cities of Barcelona, Spain; Toronto, Canada; Hamburg, Germany; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Guayaquil, Ecuador.

About Fideicomiso Ciudad Creativa Digital Guadalajara

Ciudad Creativa Digital is a National Public Policy that seeks to position Mexico as a world leader in creating content for the Hispanic market. A Project of urban renewal, the project represents a smart city prototype for México and LATAM.

The Federal Government, the State Government of Jalisco and the municipal government of Guadalajara participate in the Trust.

Digital Creative City is a place designed as an ideal environment to create, generate knowledge, foster talent, and immerse yourself in new technologies enhancing your quality of life and your potential for the development of innovative ideas


About Cisco                         

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