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Halcrow to build better global working with Vodafone One

by david.nunes

Halcrow, the UK headquartered global engineering consultancy, will soon be able to offer its clients an even better service through improved global working and collaboration, thanks to Vodafone One. Vodafone UK’s unified communications service will also mean the company can secure savings on its communications costs by a projected £1 million over the next five years.

With over 7,000 employees globally across 80 offices, Halcrow aims to maximise the combined experience of its employees to offer the best possible service to its clients. Vodafone One will provide PC based collaboration features and integrate PC, fixed and mobile communications to revolutionise collaborative working for all of Halcrow’s UK employees.

Vodafone One brings fixed, mobile and PC based communications together meaning employees are contactable via one number on their mobile, fixed phone or PC, helping people to communicate seamlessly wherever and however they choose.

Vodafone One’s PC features, such as desktop conferencing, Instant Messaging (IM) and presence (which allows staff to see if someone is online and available at any given time), will integrate with video conferencing facilities to allow Halcrow  to promote faster and more effective team working, regardless of which team they work in or where they are based.

Chris Farmer, Halcrow’s group IT director said: “Vodafone One will support our adoption of a global delivery model and fundamentally improve the way we work, which will ultimately help us design and deliver better solutions for our customers. It will enhance our competitive advantage, as well as our agility to be more responsive to customer demands and new business opportunities.”

The company will also benefit from more efficient use of office space and increased use of hot desks. Employees will be able to work flexibly where they can best support their clients, but still be connected and communicating with their colleagues. Employees will travel less, saving Halcrow and their clients costs and reducing their carbon footprint.

For more about Vodafone One and Vodafone’s fixed and mobile solutions visit vodafone.co.uk/business/ml/unified-communications/vodafone-one

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