Halon Security beats Cisco in IPv6 readiness review

A brand new survey of the state of IPv6 readiness amongst most of the developers of networking and IT security products reveals that only one of them actually managed to do it properly. And it wasn’t Cisco.

Gothenburg, Sweden, March 12th 2013

To develop, market and sell products that handle IPv6 properly is one thing. But how prepared are the developers themselves for the move to IPv6? With a website called www.ip6.nl anyone can test of a certain domain is ready for IPv6 or test if their own Internet connection is IPv6 ready.

In a survey of most of the developers of networking and security products on the market, only one of them is actually completely IPv6 compliant. And it’s not Cisco, not Juniper Network or Extreme Networks. It’s Halon Security – a Swedish developer of email and networking security products that has proven and excellent track records with customers all over the world.

– For us it’s all about “eating our own food” so to speak. For years, we at Halon Security have been working with IPv6 and all our products are built from the ground up with IPv6 in mind. So it only comes natural to make sure our own business is IPv6 compliant, says Peter Falck, president of Halon Security.

The list of how the vendors internet connections and DNS services handle IPv6 can be found here: http://ip6.nl/#!list?db=vendors

Halon Virtual Spam Prevention, VSP, is a email security solution that enables corporations of all sizes to stop spam, malware, trojans and other email based threats to customers and users. Halon VSP is traditionally run as a virtual machine in a VMware or XEN environment, but is also available as a appliance solution, Halon Spam Prevention Gateway, suitable for placement in a co-location environment.

Halon VSP is available as a free 30 day evaluation download from the Halon Security website, www.halonsecurity.com.