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Hermann Hauser looks to the future of communications

by david.nunes

Hermann Hauser looks to the future of communications

Low power technologies, the Internet of Things, neural networks and eye tracking interfaces will become the norm says Dr Hauser at Cambridge Wireless ‘Thought Leaders in Wireless’ Lecture

20 February 2013: Dr Hermann Hauser, CBE, sees a future where billions of devices are connected together over the internet and sophisticated eye and gaze tracking user interfaces are a normal way to control the things around us. These were just some of the predictions made by the highly-respected Cambridge Angel, co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partner and serial entrepreneur, at yesterday’s inaugural ‘Thought Leaders in Wireless’ event, the first in the Cambridge Wireless Prestigious Lecture Series.

In his lecture, ‘What next in Communication?’, Hermann Hauser also pointed to emerging low power technologies as a key enabler in delivering the Internet of Things, allowing everyday objects to communicate with each other continuously, without increasing our carbon footprint. And to meet the ever growing demand for computing power, Dr Hauser believes that advanced parallel processing techniques and neural networks will provide the answer.

“There is no doubt that mobile devices will become more powerful, smarter and will run for longer but the revolution in the next ten years will be about machines talking continuously to other machines,” said Hermann Hauser. “The other big change will be how we interface with technology. We have been using our hands for too long and while voice activation has made great advances it is using our eyes, gaze and facial movements to control the real and virtual worlds around us that I believe is one of the most exciting opportunities.”

Hermann Hauser has founded or co-founded over 50 companies across a wide range of technology sectors and led the ARM team at Acorn, which he helped to spin out. With this strong track record, his lecture also addressed the challenges and opportunities in the communication sector and what contributions Cambridge academic institutions, companies and investors can make.

“Cambridge is carrying on its strong tradition of developing and commercialising new technologies that help to shape the future of communications,” said Prof William Webb, Board Member at Cambridge Wireless and CTO of Neul, who chaired the evening. “Exciting new areas being pioneered in Cambridge currently include key Internet of Things technologies, flexible software-programmable chips for next generation phone systems, tiny low-cost home basestations and flexible display technology. It’s no wonder many of the world’s major companies are setting up research offices here.”

The Lecture at the Moller Centre in Cambridge was sponsored by Rodhe & Schwarz and organised by Cambridge Wireless, the not-for-profit industry forum with a network of nearly 400 members internationally, involved in the development and application of wireless technologies.

About Cambridge Wireless

Cambridge Wireless is a leading industry forum and vibrant community with a rapidly expanding network of companies actively involved in the development and application of wireless technologies. In addition to high level networking dinners and events, a strong educational programme and business development activities, Cambridge Wireless runs the annual Future of Wireless International Conference along with the prestigious Discovering Start-Ups programme and competition to support emerging, innovative wireless companies. Over 15 Special Interest Groups focused on specific technologies and market sectors, also provide opportunities for members to meet, form partnerships to exploit new commercial opportunities, and share knowledge and information about the latest industry trends and hot topics.


Cambridge Wireless has partnerships with other leading industry clusters and organisations around the world to extend its international reach and to keep members up to date with the latest global developments and business opportunities. For more information, please visit www.cambridgewireless.co.uk

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