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HGC ibizCloud launches in Cambodia in collaboration with Ezecom

by david.nunes

HGC ibizCloud launches in Cambodia in collaboration with Ezecom

Hong Kong, 30 March 2015 – Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC), the fixed-line operating division of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (stock code: 215), and Ezecom, Cambodia’s premium Internet provider, today announced launch of ibizCloud service in the nation. This extends HGC’s cloud sites from Hong Kong, mainland China and Los Angeles to Cambodia’s Phnom Penh.

Offered as a total solution, HGC ibizCloud is available on-demand to help corporate customers manage the transmission and storage of massive volumes of data without having to make hefty upfront investment.

First cloud service of its kind in Cambodia

HGC’s role in establishing ibizCloud in Cambodia will cover cloud design, instant connectivity technology and an international network comprising submarine and terrestrial cables. As the nation’s first cloud service provider, Ezecom will provide local connectivity and offer ibizCloud under its own brand in a customised form to suit the local market.

The collaboration will give rise to the first such cloud service of its kind in Cambodia, featuring Ondemand Virtual Leased Line (ODVLL) for end-to-end secure data transmission between a customer’s sites via an inter-cloud platform. This significant development will have the effect of upgrading Cambodia’s connectivity with the rest of the world in a reliable and speedy manner.

Andrew Kwok, HGC President of International and Carrier Business, said: “HGC developed the innovative ibizCloud service to help corporate customers cope with the big data trend. It enables resellers –such as hosting providers and start-up companies – to offer cloud services without having to go through the product development process.”

He added: “Our impressive network reach and robust infrastructure enable us to extend HGC’s cloud sites to Cambodia swiftly and reliably, thereby building on our already significant international cloud proposition. This expansion strategy will also involve markets such as Singapore and Thailand, as well as geographies in Europe, the Middle East and other regions.”

Paul Blanche-Horgan, Chief Executive Officer of Ezecom, said: “EZECOM being based in Cambodia understands Cambodian businesses so this will help ease any worries that businesses here have  about using cloud computing – knowing that we are there, in person, to support them with their data management and storage.”

ibizCloud features
Launched in July 2013, ibizCloud was designed to facilitate one-stop provision of infrastructure and bandwidth, offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Bandwidth-as-a-Service (BaaS). The solution provides virtualised infrastructure such as virtual machines, CPU cores, RAM and storage, enabling corporate customers to access the Internet without constraints on data usage. Value-added services include the cloud-to-cloud Dedicated Bandwidth-as-a-Service (DBaaS), and On-demand
Virtual Leased Line (ODVLL), which allows end-to-end data transmission over a secure network.

ibizCloud enables content providers, OTT players and cloud users to enjoy automation with
centralised management of virtual machines and bandwidth.

The solution was recently named one of “Top Six Cloud Platforms” by Capacity Magazine, which covers the global carrier industry. High-profile endorsement has also included the Business Service Innovation Award, presented at the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards 2014, and the Worldwide Inter-Cloud Association Innovative Service Award 2014.
In addition, ibizCloud won the International Telecom Services Provider title at The Best SME Partners 2014 Awards, and was honoured for Best Cloud Innovation at the Global Carrier Awards 2014.

For more details on ibizCloud, please visit hgc-intl.com.

About Hutchison Global Communications Limited
Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC) owns one of the largest fibre-to-the-building telecommunications networks in Hong Kong. Since establishment in 1995, it has been fully committed to building its own optical-fibre network infrastructure and introducing advanced facilities. Coupled with its four cross-border routes integrated with all three of mainland China’s tierone telecommunications operators and world-class international network, HGC provides a comprehensive range of fixed-line telecommunications services locally and overseas. HGC is a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (HTHKH, Stock Code: 215). HTHKH is a leading integrated telecommunications service operator, offering mobile and fixed-line
services to local and international customers.

For more information on HGC, please visit www.hgc.com.hk. For more information on HTHKH, please visit www.hthkh.com.

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