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HGI Taipei Open Forum to Encourage Service Provider and Manufacturer Discussion

by david.nunes

HGI Taipei Open Forum to Encourage Service Provider and Manufacturer Discussion


Home Gateway Initiative to host open summit on technology for the digital home


19 March 2012. The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), the world’s leading organisation for setting service provider requirements for the digital home, will host an open forum with the Taiwan technology community on next directions for home networks and services on Tuesday 27 March.


The open forum, which will be part of HGI’s quarterly meeting and will take place from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm in the Taipei International Convention Centre, will encourage an exchange of views between service providers and manufacturers on leading edge broadband technology for the digital home. The forum will be followed by a cocktail reception for registered attendees.


HGI is working with the Committee of Communications Industry Development of Taiwan (CoCID) to organise the event, which will be the second open HGI-Taipei Forum. The last, in 2010, featured some of the leading names in home technology including representatives from Chunghwa Telecom, France Telecom, British Telecom, and regional service providers.


Duncan Bees, Chief Technology and Business Officer of HGI, said: “Our work addresses key enablers for services in the home, including remote and local support for applications, along with a framework to address connected in-home devices. We’re also developing measures and collecting data for the key performance indicators of home networks. Our home gateway test program is going strong after 3 years.


“We are really excited to again be meeting in Taiwan, the home of many of our members and a vital centre of innovation in the digital home. This year, we are inviting Taiwan technology providers to describe advances they are making in the digital home and to share demonstrations with the HGI community. In turn, we’ll be providing an overview of current service provider requirements,” said Mr Bees. 


During the HGI quarterly meeting, members and observers will gather between 27-30 March to advance HGI’s work in digital home services, technology, and test requirements.  


Dr. Cheng Sheng-Ching, Executive Secretary of CoCID commented: “We are very pleased that HGI has selected Taiwan to host its open forum on the digital home. Taiwan’s ICT product manufacturing capability is recognised around the world. We are a leading supplier of notebooks, PCs, cell phones, LCD monitors, cable CPEs and many other pieces of hi-tech equipment important for the global ICT industry.  HGI brings wide-ranging insight into broadband deployment issues from which Taiwan service providers and vendors will greatly benefit.”


Founded in 2004, HGI is the world’s leading member-led organisation devoted to translating broadband service providers’ service plans into published technology requirements for home enablers.


HGI is currently addressing a range of topics that will support a richer experience for broadband consumers. These include digital home convergence, software modularity, connected home architecture, home gateway testing, home networks key performance indicators and testing, energy efficiency, and home networks diagnostics.


For additional information about HGI’s Taipei Open Forum visit http://www.homegatewayinitiative.org/meetings/TP_28_Taipei/Taipei_Forum.asp.   






About the Home Gateway Initiative

The HGI, founded in 2004 by nine telecom operators, is shaping the next generation of internet and voice services. Starting from use-cases and service needs, the HGI sets requirements for Home Gateways, infrastructure devices, and the home network. The HGI now has members from across the globe, representing the entire spectrum of players in the broadband home area.



About CoCiD

The Committee of Communications Industry Development (CoCID) was established by the MoEA in May, 2003.  CoCID is Taiwan’s leading agency for information and communication technologies, and is assigned the role of helping Taiwan’s communication industry meet three core targets: wireless applications, services and networks, broadband communications, and telecommunications.  CoCID also drives these objectives to accomplish the expectation of the National Science & Technology Program for Telecommunications (NTP).


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