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Hitachi Consulting UK delivers corporate-branded Intranet to support Vaultex UK’s communication and collaboration programme

by david.nunes

Hitachi Consulting UK delivers corporate-branded Intranet to support Vaultex UK’s communication and collaboration programme

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 solution provides web-based access to news, information, data and tools helping to improve Vaultex UK’s overall company efficiency

LONDON, UK – 13 September 2011 – Hitachi Consulting UK today announced the implementation of a corporate-branded Intranet to support Vaultex UK’s communication and collaboration programme built on Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 platform. The new site has seen the replacement of the company’s Lotus Notes information management system, providing staff with a branded Intranet and a means of sharing consistent locally sourced company information and messaging.

“The newly launched Vaultex Intranet has revolutionised communications across the company, empowering every employee with flexible access to a huge range of information,” commented John Arnott, HR Director, Vaultex UK Ltd. “By giving people open access to all the information and data available, they will have a clear view of the business enabling them to carry out their own role more efficiently, as well as having a better transparency of the roles of others.

Each user will use the site differently, but each function will be critically focused on making sure the business content is there to help. We believe this is an invaluable tool that is very flexible allowing for the site to continually evolve and change over time. Critically it will allow managers to spend more time coaching their team, rather than acting as a reference point.”

Following the delivery of the inception phase, Vaultex engaged Hitachi Consulting UK to further undertake the project implementation, the delivery of the technical solution and Phase Two of the project. In addition, Hitachi Consulting UK’s creative team were involved from the outset to provide strategic creative input and translate Vaultex’s brand and company values into an engaging yet simple to navigate Intranet site,

Phase Two is now ongoing and is expected to complete by September 2011. This includes the development of additional SharePoint 2010 features for future extended capabilities, including embedded dashboards and interactive process maps on the Intranet platform, and the delivery of a cross company collaboration platform. The additional features are expected to allow teams to easily share information and ideas, manage documents, and thereby help enable them to make more timely and informed business decisions.

“We wanted to establish a basic infrastructure that we could build on and Hitachi Consulting UK has helped us achieve that and much more,” said John Arnott. “We will continue to develop the site, populate more pages and increase the amount of information to make the platform as engaging to employees as possible. All policies and procedures are now housed and we have closed all other routes to data and have deleted all paper policies. The future sees us adding a Learning Management System (LMS) onto the platform to support mandatory training and financial regulations, for example. With the help of Hitachi Consulting UK, Vaultex has embarked on embracing the Intranet and we intend to make sure everyone feels ‘plugged in’ by offering basic training, creating flexible sites, such as social boards, blogs and relevant news in the very near future.”

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