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Home Gateway Initiative announces major boost to its Asian membership

by david.nunes

Home Gateway Initiative announces major boost to its Asian membership

The Home Gateway Initiative has announced that four more world leading vendors have joined the organisation   

11 August 2011. Asian technology vendors Sumitomo Electric, Hitachi, Shenzhen GongJin and Ralink have recently joined the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), the world’s leading organisation for publishing requirements for key components of the digital home.

The digital home building blocks for which HGI publishes requirements include home gateways, software infrastructure and applications, and home network devices that connect consumers to services. All four of these new Asian members manufacture world leading components and devices in this field. 

Sumitomo Electric has approximately 157,000 employees and is a Japan-based global leader in the supply of home gateway products. Minoru Kuramoto, General Manager of the Network Systems Department at Sumitomo Electric, said joining HGI forms part of the company’s active plans for the future. 

“The variety of home network services is becoming greater and greater and we think it’s important for vendors to follow the latest requirements. As a leading supplier of broadband access products used in mass deployment for commercial service we feel we have a lot to offer,” said Mr Kuramoto.

“HGI’s presence is growing and becoming more important in Asia and I believe Sumitomo can contribute to this by sharing our experience and technology.“

Any corporation, individual firm, partnership, governmental body or international organisation supporting the purpose of HGI can apply for Membership. Duncan Bees, Chief Business and Technology Officer at HGI said interest from Asian service providers and vendors to join has been steadily increasing. 

“We already have many Asian companies in HGI and membership in this region continues to grow strongly.  Companies actively participating in the HGI are able to share ideas with other industry members in an open forum. This has benefits for the industry as a whole as well as the members themselves and ultimately for users throughout the world,“ he said. 

For more information about the HGI please visit www.homegatewayinitiative.org or email contact@homegatewayinitiative.org.




About the Home Gateway Initiative

The HGI, founded in 2004 by nine telecom operators, is shaping the next generation of internet and voice services. Starting from use-cases and service needs, the HGI sets requirements for Home Gateways, infrastructure devices, and the home network. The HGI now has members from across the globe, representing the entire spectrum of players in the broadband home area.



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