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HomeGrid Forum Hosts Press Conference and Seminar at Computex

by david.nunes

HomeGrid Forum Hosts Press Conference and Seminar at Computex

Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry & other industry leaders provide their insights into G.hn

Computex, Taipei, Taiwan, June 05, 2014

News Highlights

  • Impressive list of speakers, including  Dr. Hsien Tang Ko of Institute for Information Industry (III), Mr. Frank Chuang of Comtrend, Mr. Chien-Te Wu of Metanoia and Ms Yuqing Niu of Xingtera, Vincent Kao of Sigma Designs provided their views and expectations for G.hn home networks
  • A live display of G.hn in neighboring apartments showed G.hn’s unique ability to avoid interference between networks
  • The event included the presentation of a “Recognition of Excellence” Award to Dr. Hsien-Te Ko of III by HomeGrid and a birthday celebration marking four years of G.hn

HomeGrid Forum today hosted a press conference and seminar as part of its Computex activities, highlighting the strength and features of G.hn home networking for the Asian market and globally. The event was attended by over 200 guests and members of the press. The seminar included a display of G.hn’s unique neighboring networks capabilities and a series of insightful speeches by industry experts from China, Taiwan and around the globe, highlighting the global nature of G.hn’s value and its importance for Asia.

The press conference included a live display of G.hn networks in an apartment building, where powerlines are common between apartments. The display consisted of four separate apartments, with a G.hn powerline network in each.  Marvell Semiconductor, Metanoia, Sigma Designs and Xingtera each provided a network. The display showed how G.hn networks can be located close to one another and share the same powerlines – yet are virtually invisible to each other – a feature unique to G.hn that is a mandatory requirement for any high density population areas, such as those in Asia.

The press conference included the presentation of a “Recognition of Excellence” Award to Dr. Hsien-Te Ko, Director General of the Industry Development Augmentation Division of III in appreciation of the outstanding contributions of III, Dr Ko and his team to HomeGrid Forum and promotion of G.hn technology.  To conclude the press conference, HomeGrid Forum and its guests used the occasion to celebrate the fourth birthday of G.hn.

HomeGrid’s seminar included speakers with many varied views and experiences, including:

  • Dr.  Hsien Tang Ko, Director General of the Industry Development Augmentation Division of III, who welcomed the guests and shared his strong views about G.hn and the benefits it has for Taiwan consumers and industry
  • John Egan, President of HomeGrid Forum, provided an introduction to HomeGrid and G.hn
  • Mr. Frank Chuang, Vice-President of Taiwan’s Comtrend, the first company to have a certified G.hn system and a long-term believer in G.hn, provided his insights to the applications and business drivers of G.hn. His world-wide view is an example of the vision of those stepping forward with G.hn
  • Vincent Kao, Sales Director for Sigma Designs, provided a view of the market needs for G.hn and the state of the G.hn technology around the globe
  • Ms. Yuqing Niu, President and CEO of Xingtera, presented Xingtera’s motivation to develop G.hn and the challenges a start-up faces and her vision for G.hn
  • Mr. Chien-Te Wu, President of Metanoia, focused on his vision for G.hn and the eHome

The session closed with an invitation from the HomeGrid president to come visit HomeGrid’s booth A0926, in the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), located in exhibition hall 1 on the first floor, to see the many demonstrations of G.hn and the wide group of companies already offering G.hn products.

About HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is an industry alliance that brings together the world’s best in technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers and service providers to promote G.hn, a globally recognized gigabit home networking technology based on ITU-T standards. Over 70 members promote the global adoption of G.hn, a single unified, multi-sourced networking technology – over coax, copper pairs, powerline, and plastic optical fiber – while continuing to support HomePNA deployments and their transition to G.hn. HomeGrid Forum provides G.hn silicon and system certification through a strict compliance and interoperability testing program. For more information on HomeGrid Forum, please visit our website at www.homegridforum.org.

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