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HomeGrid Forum to Spotlight G.hn Interoperability at Broadband World Forum

by david.nunes

HomeGrid Forum to Spotlight G.hn Interoperability at Broadband World Forum

Latest G.hn designs showcased in the Interoperability Pavilion

Beaverton, Ore. – 22 October 2013


·         HomeGrid Forum showcases G.hn capabilities in the Interoperability Pavilion at Broadband World Forum, October 22-24, in Amsterdam

·         Latest G.hn designs from several systems and silicon providers are being shown

·         HomeGrid publishes new white paper on “Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Developing Compliance & Interoperability Programs”

HomeGrid Forum is showcasing the latest G.hn designs in the Interoperability Pavilion at Broadband World Forum 2013. HomeGrid Forum’s mandate for interoperability between all G.hn silicon is a critical success factor in its certification program. By certifying truly compliant silicon and interoperable systems, HomeGrid enables system companies to cut development costs – and allow service providers to reduce lab testing and field trial periods – thus speeding G.hn products to market.

HomeGrid Forum is demonstrating multi-source G.hn interoperability. Among the HomeGrid Forum members participating in the Pavilion are system companies Comtrend and Teleconnect, and chipset vendors Marvell, Metanoia and Sigma Designs. Several HomeGrid Forum members are also showcasing their latest G.hn silicon and system designs throughout the exhibition hall. Marvell (Booth A17) will be hosting G.hn devices and demonstrations from companies including AcBel, Billion, CIG, Comtrend, DNI (Delta Networks), FiberHome, Gemtek, Teleconnect, T&W, Woxter and ZTE. Metanoia (Booth F34) will showcase G.hn devices from ZyXEL, D-Link and Enable-IT.

Attendees are invited to presentations in the Interoperability Pavilion by HomeGrid Forum members on the topics of G.hn certification testing, the status of field trials, and global deployment plans. With the recent success in testing and certification of systems, HomeGrid Forum has released its latest white paper, “Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Developing Compliance & Interoperability Programs” based on HomeGrid’s own experience and collaboration with the Broadband Forum in developing a strong G.hn C&I program. (http://www.homegridforum.org/uploads/resources/ZLc8/4mLd.pdf)

HomeGrid Forum relied on the Broadband Forum’s test specification expertise and experience in understanding the needs of service providers. Together the two organizations have defined a full C&I program for both silicon and systems that meet service providers’ needs.

President of the HomeGrid Forum, John Egan, said: “Relying on the broad experience of our members, HomeGrid Forum has placed great emphasis on interoperability at all plug fests from the outset of our C&I program. Our determination to quickly deliver certified chipsets and products to meet market demands for G.hn was achieved in a record time of 33 months – more than a year faster than other new technologies. This significant achievement highlights G.hn’s maturity and its readiness for deployment.”

Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum said: “The HomeGrid Forum has taken a very robust approach to ensuring interoperability through its C&I program and the Broadband Forum has been pleased to support its development. We are delighted to welcome the HomeGrid Forum to the Interoperability Pavilion as a clear example of what can be achieved and how interoperability benefits all parties, from service providers to manufacturers, retailers and end users.”

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About HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) merged with the HomePNA Alliance in May 2013, forming an industry alliance of over 70 members including some of the world’s largest service providers, system manufacturers and silicon companies. HGF promotes advanced wired home networking using G.hn technology. While supporting the existing base of HomePNA deployments, the combined organization promotes the smooth transition of all wireline home networks to G.hn, the unified, multi-sourced home networking technology for coax, copper pairs, powerlines, and plastic optic fiber. HGF provides silicon and system certification through its strict compliance and interoperability testing program enabling service provider and retail customer confidence in all G.hn and HomePNA products.

For more information on the expanded HomeGrid Forum, please visit www.homegridforum.org or follow us on http://twitter.com/homegrid_forum.

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