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How AI can rescue the market from retail investor volatility

by Anthony Weaver

 AI ‘Brain’ Technology by Rezolve Joins Forces with NAGA to
Revolutionise Online Payment together with Brokerage Transformation

London and Frankfurt, August 9th 0900am GMT – Frankfurt listed, German
Fintech leader, The NAGA Group A.G. (XETRA: N4G, ISIN: DE000A161NR7),
operator of the All-in-One Financial Super App, has announced a
ground-breaking partnership with Rezolve AI Limited. The integration of
Rezolve’s AI platform, ‘Brain’, into Naga’s proprietary technology and
its social trading app, ‘NAGA Trader’ as well as ‘NAGA Pay’ is set to
redefine NAGA current and new users experience, provide real-time
personalised and intelligent market analysis, enhance trading
proficiency as well as automate payments across multi languages.

NAGA provides an online social trading platform (both Web and App) for
Social Trading, allowing its users to invest in different assets such as
currencies, stocks, ETF’s, commodities and crypto all together with its
own unique ePayments solution. Rezolve’s ‘Brain’, with its advanced AI
algorithms, machine learning, and its NLP engine (natural language
processing) capabilities, will enhance Naga’s ability to offer NAGA
users a unique AI experience that is set to revolutionise the
traditional way of experiencing online social trading and mobile

NAGA users will be able to converse with Brain in any one of 95
languages, as naturally as communicating in real time to a human
stockbroker over the phone. They can gain a deep understanding and
personalise market trends and insights, receive invaluable guidance for
making smart investment decisions, and learn how to optimally use Naga’s
social trading platform. This multilingual capacity not only enhances
NAGA user experience but also widens NAGA’s global user base.

Benjamin Bilski, CIO of NAGA commented: “The timing for this partnership
is just perfect. We have been preparing our data infrastructure and
indexing capabilities to plug it in with advanced AI language models for
months and using Brain transforms our vision into reality. Implementing
Brain’s AI into NAGA will further automate our client’s journey and lead
to the highest degree in personalization. Users will intuitively
understand NAGA social trading platform and their own trading
performance better than ever before. In addition, NAGA’s unique social
graph allows traders to benchmark their performance with other traders
automatically. From this day on, our ability to connect real-time market
data, economic events, and news intelligently with our users’
portfolios, positions us and gives us a genuine USP over competitors.”

Michael Milonas, CEO of Naga, expressed his enthusiasm about this
partnership, stating: “By integrating Rezolve’s ‘Brain’ into NAGA, we
are enhancing our platform with unprecedented intelligence and
accessibility. This is a significant step towards our mission to build a
truly unique, global, tech based and now AI driven financial All-in-All
Super App that is second to none and in doing that, strive to deliver
shareholder value. The future is truly, NAGA!”

Dan Wagner, CEO of Rezolve, echoed this sentiment, adding, “Our
collaboration with Naga is a testament to our commitment to
revolutionising industries with AI. With Brain’s integration, Naga users
can engage in intuitive, conversation-based interactions, unlocking
insights and making data-driven decisions. We’re excited about setting a
new standard in the online trading landscape.”

The introduction of Rezolve’s ‘Brain’ into Naga social trading platform
marks an exciting development in the fintech sector, as AI and human
insights converge to offer superior multilingual trading experiences.

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