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How Cloud Technology Can Unlock SME Growth – CloudToo Event At Microsoft London

by david.nunes

How Cloud Technology Can Unlock SME Growth – CloudToo Event At Microsoft London

CloudToo® (www.cloudtoo.co.uk) is holding a free breakfast event to show how Cloud Technology unlocks SME growth prospects, by freeing up vital resources and time for investment in other areas of the business. The event is being held at Microsoft’s London offices at 9.00 a.m. on the 24th of September 2013. Microsoft is supporting the event.

The CloudToo presentation will include:

·         How the Cloud delivers far greater IT fire power at a fraction of the cost required for traditional back-office alternatives. As a result, SMEs can now access the latest enterprise grade IT, which they could not have afforded previously and that this allows them to investigate using other new areas of technology which can boost productivity.

·         How the Cloud frees up budget, resources and time which can be diverted into funding growth.

·         How the Cloud enables SMEs to become more agile, scalable, competitive and secure.

Terry Doherty, CEO of CloudToo® parent company Doherty Associates, will be addressing the event. In his view, “With Cloud technology, small businesses can now invest in processes not systems. As a result, the level of Enterprise grade IT now available to them is far greater than ever before and yet it is available at just a fraction of the cost that they would need to pay for a traditional back-office solution. When one combines these significant productivity benefits and cost savings with the greater scalability and agility available, one appreciates the significant level of resources freed up for investment in growing the business itself. For companies that have just survived the recession Cloud technology can supercharge their prospects.

“However, we still find that many entrepreneurs and small business owners are unaware of the major financial, commercial and technical benefits available from Cloud computing, regarding it as something exclusively for the larger enterprise. Thus, we are holding this 90 minute breakfast presentation to highlight everything that an entrepreneur needs to understand about how the Cloud can unlock growth prospects for their business. We are extremely grateful to Microsoft, for allowing us to use their London offices and for supporting this event.”

Following the event, any attendee who wants to see how Cloud technology might benefit their own business can utilise a free Cloud Readiness Assessment Service to see how quickly the benefits might be derived. Attendees will also receive a free White Paper outlining the business case for moving to the Cloud.

For more event information go to: https://cloud4sme-2-eorg.eventbrite.com/

About Doherty Associates www.doherty.co.uk

For over 20 years, London based Doherty Associates has supplied IT system and support solutions to UK companies that appreciate uncompromising levels of customer care and service delivery.

The company has grown rapidly in line with its strong reputation built upon numerous customer referrals. Doherty’s solutions save time, money and stress: winning awards and the loyalty of companies operating from London to the furthest corners of the world.

Powered by Doherty Associates, CloudToo® (www.cloudtoo.co.uk) has been set up to educate and inform entrepreneurs and business owners in the ways that Cloud technology can deliver significant financial, commercial and technical benefits for small businesses.


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